The Ogoriba Festival 2019 - NATIONAL TRUMPET


Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Ogoriba Festival 2019

Tourism in Nigeria centres largely on events due to the country's ample amount of ethnic groups , but also includes rain forests , savannah , waterfalls and other natural attractions .

Ogoriba is a special annual festival that  brings the sons and daughters of ODI Community together from all over the globe . This year event was a colourful one supported by different media outfits both within and outside the country .

According to the CDC chairman of ,Odi  Community , Mr Goddey Niweigha he said the event has always been a unification factor that brings all the sons and daughters of the Odi Community both from Bayelsa State and around the word together .

The CDC chairman traced the history of the festival to a Buffalo that had terrorized the entire community where most of the indigenes lost their precious lives . He said community eventually killed the Buffalo and that is why they are still celebrating  it till today .

The CDC chairman said one of the significants of the festival is that it creates employment for the people of the community and it gives the indigenes both within and outside the country to come together . 

" For the past fifteen years or twenty years we have not met . But this festival create an avenue for them to meet again ." he said .

He therefore advised the government both from the state and federal to come to their rescue by making the event a global  one , by tapping into the tourism attractions that the state is endowed .

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