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Friday, August 2, 2019

Why Senator Magnus Abe Remains in The Heart Of His People

Why The Senator  Magnus Abe Remains in The Heart Of The People .

Knowledge they say is from God and He gives to whoever he decides at his own convenient time . That is why God is never in a rush to do anything for people or for any country .

Among the great people God gave a resounding knowledge to govern or to rule his people is the former senator Magnus Abe who has not only give back to the people of River State but to the country at large .

The six geopolitical zone in the country as at today are governed by some elected or selected people  whose by the position they occupied are to manage the people of their area with fear of God .

Senator Magnus Abe is one of such people who has the fear of God and has a human face . There are many achievement to his credit but the greatest of all the achievement is services to humanity . 

In this respect , I think senator Magnus Abe has done creditably well in this area and that is why even after left office as a senator , his people always around him .
There are lots of role model in academic line which I think is not bad if we replicate that in politics . But River State has gotten one which I think may take his contemporaries a long to beat .

Aged women who benefited from his empowerment programme across River State are beckoning on him to rule River State as governor so that lives will be more meaningful to people . 

Senator Magnus Abe  is a person other political office holder should emulate for his generosity to mankind . When he was serving as senator , the people of River State did not regret sending him to national Assembly . Even after , the good news continues .

It will be worthy to mention that this generation has benefited from his philanthropic gesture  . He was in the heart of people of River State when he was serving as senator and even after office .  He is a great man that has not only make meaningful impact in his own community but the entire River State . 

Some people today , referred to him as the future leader in River State and Nigeria at large . He is a role model and Legislator per excellent . 

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