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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Meet Yoruba Actor Lalude Fatai Adekunle’s Son “Ifawale” Who Is Also An Actor

Fatai Adekunle Adatayo is popularly known in the movie industry as LALUDE, he has been in the industry for over a decade now. He is known for his excellent interpretations of scripts.

Actor Lalude began his acting career right from his tender age. He was seen in different drama groups while he was still in primary school.

Having completed his primary and secondary school education and as well as obtaining his First School certificate and Secondary School Certificate of Examination respectively, he then proceeded to further his study before he finally made up his mind to join the entertainment industry fully.

As a new actor, Lalude was featured in minor roles before he finally got promote into supporting roles. Actor Lalude is very creative and interprets the role of herbalist excellently well.

As a result of Lalude’s unique talent and creativity, the actor has been called upon to handle or act in major roles in different movie settings.

Actor Lalude can be best fitted into any role given to him by the movie producer or director.

The talented actor has been featured in more than 100 yoruba movies. Some of his popular movies include; Aishepa, Akinlajaodeogun (2019), Mayegun, Ibinu Balogun, Olori Egbe Agba, Arikuyeri, Ogbojo Kudeti, Olowe Odumosa, and many more.

He came into the limelight after he was featured in the movie tileed Ogbori Elemosho; where he got the nickname “Lalude”.

He is currently regarded as the best, favorite, and most sought actor after actors in the industry.

He is also ranked among the top most paid yoruba actor in Nigeria.

Actor Lalude is happily married and blessed with children, among his children Ifawale; an upcoming actor who took after his father professionally.

Like father like son, Ifawale also deals in traditions and he is also versed in the tradition of Yoruba.

See the photo of Ifawale and his Dad, Lalude below;

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