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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Ilisan Remo Chairman-elect visits Aare Adetola Emmanuelking, the Borokini after election victory

Ilishan remo new IDA chairman the new mayor of ilishan paid a thank you visit to Aare Adetola Emmanuelking the Borokini of ilishan after emerging victorious at the poll 

Mayor of Illishan discuss Master plan for development with the Borokini of Illishan-Remo, says good tidings are coming to Illishan.

Following the just concluded election for the Chairman of Illishan Development Association, the Chairman-elect, Aare Wemmy Olumide Osude on Friday, 31st March, 2023 paid a courtesy visit to the Borokini of illishan-Remo, Aare Adetola Olaonipekun Emmanuelking at his residence in illishan.

Aare Adetola congratulated the Chairman-elect on emerging victorious in what was considered to be the most contested election for Chairman of Illishan Development Association (IDA). He stated that his victory was no surprise because the people of illishan acknowledge and recognize his ability and capacity to take the town to the next level. 

He added that a herculean task has been set ahead of him as the new Chairman of IDA, and with the emergence of the International Cargo Airport being situated in Illishan, the town has become one of the top industrialized towns and would require expertise and strategic planning  to manage.  He further stated that the situation of the cargo airport in illishan will bring about a surge in the need for real estate and his company is prepared to take up such housing responsibilities by bringing Singapore Park and Garden to illishan-Remo.

While expressing his gratitude to the Borokini of illishan who he referred to as a "Philanthropist par excellence" for his unwavering support during the electioneering and for the people, the Chairman-elect reaffirmed his plans for Illishan, stating that he has a strong desire to bring good and purposeful leadership to the town of illishan.  He itemized his plans to ensure that the town undergoes rapid development with focus on Security and Human capital development.

"We will create an architecture for security installing CCTV cameras at strategic locations in illishan. There will also be collaborations with the 148 industries in Remoland to provide gainful employment for the youths through skill acquisition", Osude said.

In closing statements, the Borokini of Illishan, reaffirmed his support and that of his company, Adron Homes and Properties for the new IDA Chairman and Mayor of Illishan. 

He further suggested the rebranding of Illishan and the creation of a masterplan in order to attract local and international investments. 

Replying to this, the Chairman-elect stated that he will develop a 10-year development plan for illishan-Remo with plans to leverage on blue chip organizations that have the capacity to drive development for Illishan. He further appreciated all stakeholders of Illishan-Remo, traditional rulers, clubs and associations for their support for the town and it's people, and called for their continued support financially and morally.

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