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Monday, May 2, 2022

Reevaluating Ogun’s political differences, Attacker and the third term

by Seun Sobola

My piece about two weeks ago inspired turbulent emotions, which culminated in a right-time embracement of the same suspect reality of ‘change’ of 2015. This piece, however, has its root in criticism feeling to reiterate in an extensive parlance the reason why Rt. Hon. Adesegun Abdul-Majid Adekoya should be elected into the Federal House of Representatives the third term.

In the last piece, the doctrine of holding the power became a potent weapon in the hands of the factions/oppositions who debarred reason but grappled with Scholasticism, the dominant intellectual tradition of the Medieval Western society, with little pedigree of practical background unlike the concrete continental hermeneutics of Rt. Hon. Adesegun Abdul-Majid Adekoya (a.k.a. Attacker).

Otun Giwa Adeleye, Lukman Olalekan from Igboburo Quarters, Ibefun, informed me to delve more into the disturbing symptoms of my captivating title, which I had only covered by surface. Sir, I must confess that I wrote with no single portents of literary catastrophe towards anybody because my eclectic learning must not be overshadowed by any analogous anxiety.

I was reprimanded early this year by a brother who told me not to claim familiarity in my letter of assistance to the Secretary to the State Governor of Ogun State, Mr Olatokunbo Talabi. It was here that my manipulated phobia took stance never to paint any political leader in Classical hero’s moral philosophy as my letter had a unique secret into his ironical synchrony of proletariat!

My return to an assistance source-hunting, my obsession with the business of creative writing, which have characterized my recent currents, must be seen as the reason why I wrote to Prince Dapo Abiodun, his Secretary, his Chief of Staff and his Commissioner of Education. Such Stalinist vulgarities are so easy to overlook as they made my detractors to classify me as a ‘daydreamer’.

But when words get to a serious stage, we must say it! The dialectic of Rt. Hon. Adesegun Abdul-Majid Adekoya is frozen by natural tradition of reverent constructions and versatile projects in Ijebu-North, Ijebu-East and Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency as we cannot deny that successive leaders in our country always transmit new visions to social reality.

Of course, we all can muster such sophistication and subtlety that if it were Akínlàdé, the man Sen. Ibikunle Amosun wanted, emerged the Governor of Ogun State in 2019, the amphitheater in Òkè-Ilewo, Abeokuta, would have been completed by now. Moreover, I know of a small agro-farm in Kotopo, Abeokuta, supplanted by Sen. Ibikunle Amosun, which is now today, a dunghill.

Over 30 pieces of crated power plant equipment worth N9bn imported from China into Ogun State by the Gbenga Daniel administration has been languishing within the premises of the governor’s office, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta for eleven years! Both Amosun and Abiodun failed to put the machines into use amid worsening outage in the state.

Those factions/oppositions who took shelter from the ornamental devices of rational argument that they would continue in the footsteps of Rt. Hon. Adesegun Abdul-Majid Adekoya, are merely playing up to a formalist chicanery that may confront us suddenly in Ijebu-North, Ijebu-East and Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency with a scepter of both political bankruptcy and differences.

This is why I am imploring our elders that we must not witness a very grave misreading of social, cultural and economic hegemonies to a larger calamity as these political differences occasioned by different methodologies have pushed our country into an exhaustive familiarity; some sort of plastic quarantines serving to conform us in perpetual developmental servitude.

But, why must we tend to atrophy in our own critical attitudes the systematic elan and panache of projects that Rt. Hon. Adesegun Abdul-Majid Adekoya has been taking on? Despite some people’s considerable assault of willful hedonism and higher flippancy, the people of Ijebu-North, Ijebu-East and Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency are very much enjoying him.

To prematurely dismiss Rt. Hon. Adesegun Abdul-Majid Adekoya with any kind of vulgar materialist shibboleths as “unprogressive” or “reactionary” and so on is to refuse to come to terms with his internal dynamic, the totality of the artificial conditions of his constructions and thus to paradoxically checkmate politics and his politics.

The very matrix of the exploits of Rt. Hon. Adesegun Abdul-Majid Adekoya, with unique neuroses cannot be greater. Some of these are: Provision of free health scheme to household in the federal constituency Federal Constituency/ Provision of massive nose masks and sanitizers to combat Covid- 19 in Ogun-State. State at Large Completed/ Provision of Covid-19 palliative materials and food in Ogun- State at Large Completed/ Distribution of Gas cookers to thousand households in the federal constituencies Federal Constituency Completed/ Renovation and equipping of health centre in Oni Town Waterside L.G Completed/Renovation and Equipping of health centre in Abigi Town Waterside L.G Completed/ Renovation and equipping of health centre in Makun/Irokun Waterside L.G Completed/ Renovation and Equipping of health centre in Ayede Lomiro Town Waterside L.G Completed/ Construction of Maternity Centre at Oleke Alli Village, Ajebandele ward/ Training and Empowerment of 600 youths by Google on Digital Skill Training with distribution of free laptops State at Large Completed/ Training and Empowerment of 600 Market women across Ogun-State with free distribution of Hand set phones and wallets State at Large Completed/ A Bridge at Oki Igbode road, Ijebu Imobi Ijebu-East L.G Completed/ Ongoing Bridge at Ogbe river along Oke-Ife road, Ijebu-Ife. Ijebu-East L.G/ Construction of Jetty at Iwopin Waterside L.G/ Scholarship for 10 ND Students in “Gateway Industrial Petrogas Institute Oni” Federal Constituency Ongoing/ Sponsoring of Students in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions. Federal Constituency Ongoing/ Sponsoring of Students In JAMB, WAEC and NECO…

You’re welcome to the slippery rock! Without any rigorous passion, those who mooted the deeds of Attacker should not be carefree to collapse into a more cavalier and stringent abhorrence as I will not turn this piece into a static technique of outlining in the face of over three hundred ebullient projects and empowerments!

“TEACHERS to NOW RETIRE at AGE 65 or after 40 YEARS in SERVICE” is the doing of Rt. Hon. Adesegun Abdul-Majid Adekoya! Both the Secretaries-General of Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) and Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools, Nigeria (ASUSS), Dr. Ike Ene and Comrade Dayo Adebiyi, express their immeasurable appreciations over the quantum of love and empathy demonstrated by Attacker who motivated and coveted Bill on increasing the retirement age of teachers from 60 to 65, thereby increasing the teacher retention rate in our nation’s schools. Likewise, the Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye extended an appreciative letter to the ever-ready commitment of Attacker to the welfares of the people he represents, through “Light Up Solar Scheme for Ago-Iwoye”, “Ago-Iwoye City Stadium” and many others. 

In my own opinion, the values and impacts of all these are what the people appreciate as he is not for his Federal Constituencies alone, but for all of us!

Cheers to the third term coming of Rt. Hon. Adesegun Abdul-Majid Adekoya in 2023!!!

Seun Sobola, a first first class graduate of English, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, writes from Abeokuta.

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