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Friday, April 29, 2022

Kenny Duyile unveils new hospitality business 'White Rock Hotel'

He will never cease in giving more to the society, especially in areas where he is known for. Highly entrepreneurial Chief Kenny Duyile, has just come out to unveil another big feat in what he is known for, after a little hiatus from the public glare. 

Having stayed off for a while from the klieg lights, it can now be revealed that his decision to remain inconspicuous in the scheme of things, socially and what have you, was to concentrate on a particular project that is very dear to him for greater inputs in the society. 

As you are reading this, the revered Ondo High Chief, Kenny Duyile, whose business interest span real estate, farming/agriculture, hospitality, oil and gas, not only in Nigeria but beyond its shores, has just opened a one in town hospitality haven, aptly named White Rock Hotel in the great Ondo city, with modern amenities that will compete favourably with other existing outlets of its nature in the city of Ondo and its environs.

According to inside sources, Chief Kenny Duyile seriously invested in this new project, that has boasted not only become the talk of the town in Ondo township but also in the entire country. 

If you must know, Chief Duyile is that resourceful brain behind many huge projects of similar nature, and has been a veritable weight behind the attainment of many successful businesses including media. He also holds sway as the Rock of Gibraltar behind Celebrity Mirror and Hospitality Haven via Rockview Hotels in Lagos.

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