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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Owo ishowo flag off and Ile-arugbo a siemen twin? An opinion of hatred

By Temitope MUHIDEEN 

Suzy Kassel in his book “Rise up and salute the sun” he said “Truth will never shine from a heart filled with pains, corruption, propaganda and lies” this can be related to the latest opinion of few paragraphs released by one Abdulrasheed Akogun who doubles as the publisher of Fresh insight news, a local media outlet located somewhere in Ilorin. 

I read the short opinion tagged “owo ishowo flag off and ile arugbo a siemen twin. The publisher of fresh insight news compared the owo ishowo (loan granted to petty traders ) flag off with the eba and semo token given to old kwarans few years back at the now functionless Ile-Arugbo. 

In a sane society where government that understand the needs of our petty traders exist, a project like owo ishowo will play a part in the lives of our mothers who sell bitter collar and pepper in our popular markets, we must not fail to remind Mr Akogun and his cohorts that the program is not an avenue to put average kwarans under the slaves list like the ile arugbo scenario. Let us ask if Mr Akogun was not in in Nigeria when the federal government launched a replica of the owo ishowo , tagged “trader moni“ in 2019 for our traders, or Akogun’s blog wasn’t alive as at then. Let us ask Akogun the numbers of dead people recorded during the Flagg off as we used to have it at the ile arugbo. 

Well, let me commend Mr Akogun for coming out openly to criticize the state government with his self minded opinions recently , at least he is being responsible for his name and by logic, saving the name of his blog. Let him own up to the fact that, his intention and brand are against the government, may be then we will start to take him serious. Let no cashivist with hidden agenda continue to act like Mandela of South Africa.

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