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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Legal practitioner accuse Balogun of Egbaland of causing crisis, pandemonium, civil unrest in the society

Kehinde Hassan Amusa, a legal practitioner and principal counsel in Hassan Amusa & Co, a law firm based in Ogun state have acused the Balogun of Egbaland, Chief Sikirullah Atobatele of causing crisis, pandemonium and civil unrest in Ijeja, a section of Egbaland.

In a three (3) pages petition dated 20th of October, 2021, which was sent to the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo; a copy of which was also sent to the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs; Egba Traditional Council, as well as the Director, Directorate of State Service, the legal practitioner alleged Chief Sikirullah Atobatele as the brain behind the crises in Ijejaland since 2018.

The petition, a copy received by our reporter, the practitioner said 'I'm constrained to use this medium to communicate to your Royal Majesty as I don't think I can be given an audience to have father and son personal discussion and interaction.'

Speaking further in the petition, the Ijeja born legal practitioner appeal to the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egba Land, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo to call Chief Sikirullah Atobatele, to henceforth refrain from using his traditional influence, monetary prowess and social clout to cause instability, crisis, traditional bigotry division and disintegration in Ijejaland. 

In the petition, he said:
"The most devastating recent effort being attempted by Chief Balogun Egbaland is the abuse of office by the said Balogun in influencing that the Oluwo of Egba Agbeyin, Chief Atanda Solomon should be suspended for coming to court on the 11/10/2021 as an official witness on subpoena to come and tender video clip of event of 10/08/2021 the directive/order that Igbein Chiefs complied with without any hesitation.

"The main objective for this action is to turn Chief Oluwo Agbeyin into lame duck, traditional liability who depend on him to define the traditional trajectory of Ijejaland to defeat a milestone event that will symbolize a new beginning for Ijejaland.

"The main grouse of my complaint against Chief Balogun dates as far back as 2018 after the death of Chief Rufus Ayinla Ogunsola, the former Oluwo of Ijeja. Prior to the death of Oluwo, he had successfully accomplished the mission of an Ifa ordained candidate for the kabiesi of Ijejaland in person of Chief Lawrence Adeniyi Ogunseye, the Baale of Bamoku Ijeja, Abeokuta. The Ifa divination was done on the 18th November, 2018 in the presence of notable Ijeja Traditional Council of Chiefs.

"Chief R. A. Ogunsola died before any process of installation of our Kabiesi could be done. Consequent upon which the programmed for befitting coronation ceremony fell on the Chiefs he left behind under the leadership of Chief Sunday Oluwole, the Odofin of Ijejaland as the Most Senior Ogboni Chief. The mantle of leadership that fell on the Odofin led to changing the narratives as the Ologun/Olorogun (warrior Chiefs) under the leadership of Balogun, Chief Olufemi Solanke insisted that Ijeja must have two Kabiesi simultaneously without any regard to the wise saying of Ifa Oracle. It was at this stage I gathered that the Balogun of Egbaland was the brain behind the change of position by the traditional Chiefs of Ijejaland as they have been heavily induced financially and since then Ijejaland has been denied the unity in diversity on issues that will bring progress and development to Ijeja because we are factionalised due to the external influence.

"The factionalisation took serious dimension when who is to ascend the power of Oluwo among the Traditional Chiefs arose. Chief Oluwole (Odofin Ijejaland) declined tha ascension to the office on two grounds (i) He admitted the fact that he is an indigene of Itoko that he became Chief from his maternal side (ii) he said he is a devout Christian that is not ready to join Ifa cult by indoctrination (Tite Ifa). Based on this the search for candidate become open and Chief Aremu Bamgboye, the Olori Aje of Ijeja Egbaland eventually emerged and he was installed by the Oluwo Agbeyin under the instruction and directive of your Royal Majesty as claimed by the said Oluwo Agbeyin while installing Chief Bamgboye as the Oluwo of Ijejaland on 11th August, 2021 at the Ile Ogboni inner hambers. I personally attended the installation ceremony as an Ijeja indigene. It was a thing of surprise that our warrior Chiefs led by Chief Olufemi Solanke again ran to Chief Atobatele, Balogun of Egbaland to use his influence and closesness to set aside the installation of Chief Bamgboye as Oluwo Ijejaland and instead Chief Mukaila Akinwande, a junior Parakoyi chief under Chief Bamgboye when he was the Olori Aje to be installed as the Oluwo of Ijejaland. Consequently, upon the misleading information supplied to your Royal Highness, issued backdated certificate dated 25/08/2021 as the Oluwo of Ijejaland though the matter is now a subject of litigation before a court of competene jurisdiction thus it is sub judice.

"It is also pertinent to state categorically that the case in court stricto-senso between the two warning factions i.e Chief Aremu Bamgboye (Oluwo Ijeja) and Chief Mukaila Akinwande it has no bearing or nexus to your office and status as the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, thus any wrong information being peddled by the Balogun Egbaland is a bogus and blatant lies with no iota of truth."

He however called of Chief Balogun should allow peace to reign for justice and progress of Ijejaland.

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