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Saturday, February 6, 2021

I can have sex on first date— Nigerian actress, Angela reveals

Nigerian actress, Angela Eguavoen, has revealed she has no qualms having sex on a first date. 

The actress who recently advised her fellow ladies to stop the pretence and demand money from their men in an encounter with Saturday Beats said, “I have never had sex on a first date before but for ladies who do it, they are free to do whatever they want with their bodies. If you like the guy and you don’t have a problem with ‘hooking’ up with him on a first date, what are you waiting for? On whether I can do it, I think I can do it. I have just not been in that moment that I would need to do it. However, I think I can. But, before I ‘get down’ with anybody, I try to know the person to an extent. But, like they say, ‘never say never.’

“But, like they say, ‘never say never’.”

Speaking on why she once stopped acting for a year, Eguavoen said, “I have never thought of giving up on acting, not even for a single day. However, I once stopped acting for a year because the guy I was dating then didn’t want me to act and I was so in love with him. But, that would not happen again. I was young and naïve then.”

The actress also stated that it was erroneous for people to think that curvy ladies were prostitutes. She said, “Being curvy is a blessing. Being light skinned, beautiful and expressive comes with a lot because when people see one, especially men, the first thing they think about is sex. Some of one’s peers even think one is a runs girl. I have had this experience severally but one that sticks out was my NYSC experience. I served in Port Harcourt. In a group of girls, I was the most outspoken. One of the corps members just concluded that I was a ‘runs girl’. He later found out that I was not what he thought I was. He had to apologise to me, saying he concluded about me too fast. I am hardworking and want to make something out of my life.”

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