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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Protect Ibarapa/Oke-Ogun people - Islamic music star, Ere Asalatu beg Makinde

Islamic music star, Alhaji Abdul-Kabir Bukola Alayande popularly known as Ere Asalatu, has made a passionate appeal to the Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, to protect the peaceful people of Ibarapa/Oke-Ogun part of the state from the ceaseless attacks from rampaging herdsmen.

Ere Asalatu made the appeal on the heels of the ongoing controversy generated by the endless kidnappings and killings of the people from the country side of the state who have remained helpless over time until the recent issuing of a 7 day ultimatum to the herdsmen perpetrating the attacks, to vacate the area  by a self-proclaimed warlord, Chief Sunday Adeyemo better known as Sunday Igboho, or face counter attack from him and his men. 

With the issued ultimatum not going down well with the State Government saying that Sunday Igboho who happens to be a native of one of adjoining communities in Ibarapa/Oke-Ogun called Igboho M'ore in Oorelope Local Government does not have any authority to do so, there has since been exchange of words between the concerned people supporting Sunday Igboho and the State Government. 

Consequently, as a bona-fide native of Iseyin, another adjoning community in Ibarapa/Oke-Ogun himself, Ere Asalatu has chosen to appeal to Governor Makinde to protect his people from the incessant attacks by the herdsmen who are said to be mostly of the Fulani extraction.

In his appeal, Ere Asalatu noted that as one who has his family members living and making their livelihood in Ibarapa/Oke-Ogun, it is not out of place for him to appeal to the Governor to protect them by all means possible. 

He concluded that no one would be happy if their sons or daughters are either kidnapped, maimed or killed by the herdsmen. 

Or have their father's farmland invaded by the marauding herdsmen and their cows. Hence, he begged the Governor to do something fast to stem the tide of the ceaseless attacks.

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