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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Ogun IPAC: Arabambi remains authentic chairman

Ogun state chapter of Inter-Party Advisory Council, IPAC have said the one and only authentic chairman of the association is Comrade Abayomi Olufemi Arabambi.

This was contained in a Press Release sent to National Trumpet early this morning.

The release reads:


The general public is here advised to ignore the the totally false, illegal and meaningless purported dissolution of the State Executive Committee of Ogun State IPAC CHAPTER by some gang of political merchants illegally parading themselves on the internet lead by one Yussuf Dantalle of APM house of commotion Abuja

The one authentic and legal Chairman remains Comrade Gentleman Abayomi Arabambi.

Ordinarily, the very silly rantings from this grossly irresponsible and incompetent Political Miscreants in person of Yussuf Dantalle would have been ignored but for one reason, to expose the yawning emptiness in his  cheap meal-ticket 

It is obvious they can't in any way or manner win Ipac  election in Ogun State or in the foreseeable future , so they must look very desperately and even recklessly for a short cut which for its criminal implementation can spell further doom for the drivers of their in ordinate dead ambition

In the first place, how can a body of strangers to the National IPAC begin to dissolve a State Executive they are not parties to its inauguration?

By the judgement of the Appeal Court, the temporary arrangements earlier in place was rendered ineffective, null and void as the INEC was ruled to be incompetent in law to de-register political parties in Nigeria.

Legally, it stands so indisputable that IPAC has as Interim National President, Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu (ADC National Chairman) and Hon Adekunle Rufai Omo - Aje (National Chairman of AA)  as the Interim National Secretary.

By the earlier cited Appeal Court judgement in suit nos CA/ABJ/CV/507/2020, it was made clear that the earlier existing arrangement that de - registered a number of political parties became illegal and in its stead, the sectional  leadership of Dr Leonard Ezenwa, the AAC National Chairman that came up to lead the IPAC at the National levels ceased to exist.

Any political and  unconstitutional rebellion being grown  by some polished miscreants in the political space should therefore be ignored.

IPAC is currently a body leading all the registered political parties in Nigeria and as there is no de-registered political party any more in Nigeria. The National IPAC does not recognise or know the almajiri body falsely claiming relevance in IPAC, as for the State Chapter of IPAC in Ogun State, we are not part of the eight-party gang of political misfits trying to claim to be in existence in Ogun State.

The days of portfolio party existence is far left in forgotten memory.

One Yusuff Dantalle, reported to be the National Chairman of APM who illegally claim to have by himself dissolved the State Chapter Exco is politically  dumb and very irresponsible to have paraded himself as superior to the Appeal Court  and above it. How can you possibly be in a position to claim that you dissolve a body of State  Executive Committee that he is a stranger to the body that appointed the State Executive.

As at today, no one or body is legally or  empowered to undo a constitutionally evolved legality as falsely claimed by the cash and carry six-man political miscreants. The Ogun State IPAC is fully membered by more than 86 registered political parties in Ogun State.

By every dictates of responsible citizenship, once a Court of superior jurisdiction rules against the judgement of a lower court, as in this case, a judgement delivered by the President of the Appeal Court with two others nullified the earlier judgement being claimed to be yet standing and even claimed to be supported by the INEC Chairman, a Professor, are these unreasonable people now saying that the INEC Chairman is above the Courts. Silly men are silly, it doesn't matter in which tribe. This Yusuf Dantalle has been exposed as a stark illiterate and a purchasable political jobber.

Every delibrate actions aimed at promoting executive lawlessness, malfeasance maladministration, Political rascality, policy somersault contradictions,impunity and association brigandage will only bring about perpetual stagnation to our political parties association and all of us will be seen as not only grossly irresponsible but perpetually incompetent. Thus every action deserves a commensurate measure of reaction. Nothing stands on nothing thus I stand with the rest 86 Political parties  especially in  the act of seeking legal redress.

Lastly INEC has filled only an appeal at the supreme court against the declaratory judgement of the court of Appeal which voided INEC power to de-register Political parties, thus no stay can be effected thus by implications, the judgement of the court of appeal subsist until set aside by the supreme court

Thus on a final note, my appointment can only be voided by the supreme court and untill then any one parading himself or themselves as executive of  Ipac should be treated as not only senseless but  criminals.

Nothing has changed in Ogun State Chapter of IPAC, Comrade Gentleman Abayomi Arabambi remains the legal and the authentic State Chairman with over 91% of the total registered political parties in Ogun State.

Comrade Gentleman Abayomi ARABAMBI
Chairman Ogun IPAC
Chairman Labour Party

HE Prince Dapo Abiodun Governor of Ogun State
SSG Ogun State
Chief of staff Ogun State
SSA Political Rt Hon Tunji Egbetokun
Ogun State Commissioner of police
Director DSS  Ogun State

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