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Monday, January 25, 2021

Ibikunle Amosun@63: like a cat with nine lives - Akinlade

Even to poets, it is often difficult to eulogise a person, to detail in words their life, traits and essential characteristics that make a person noble. 

However, we find solace in digging their joy, sorrow and commitment to know how worthy a man truly is. Senator Ibikunle Amosun is one figure with different meaning to different folks. He is not only an astute accountant, politician but an enigma bridge builder, one whose desire to progress and bequeath transformational knowledge and leadership for his people is insatiable. He places his people even above himself and prioritises their needs while holding sway to power in the state. 

Amosun's accomplishments, scope of criticisms and adoration he earned are worthy of notice. He is one man not smiling on a job and detach himself from the tawdry affairs of a confused being. He is wise to resist the tempt portrait of a superman when he openly objected that; "we are no god". He is a leader sharing with us his doubts and fears, political miscalculations and even victories. He never hides from his people his falls and triumphs, a courageous leader indeed. 

Amosun is never hiding the truth for the sake of looking good in public as common among men of his status in our society. He is a blunt politician who doesn't hide himself to please anyone, thus, made many enemies. He has his friends who believe in his ideal and exemplary lifestyle as well. SIA as fondly called, realised that; with power comes many responsibilities and thus, prepared himself for today's leadership roles many decades ago. He built a formidable team of experts that assisted him turned the fortune of Ogun state around forthrightly, and for centuries to come; his legacy will stand tall. He is always thinking globally but acting locally for the sake of his people. 

SIA's relationship with the highest authority in the land has earned him both the good and bad sides of life. As for the bad side, he has made political enemies that are mischievously plotting his falls (they are blind to the fact that; who God has made, no man can fall). SIA is the cautionary threat to the political expansionist whose neo-colonialism of the region and nation has just begun. 

For the good side, Amosun has used his influence to raise men to power. He has made the hopeless hopeful. He has discovered and built talents, while never relenting in this pursuit. As a one-man battalion, he has dared the devil and triumphed. His prowess and ingenuity made his people-EGBAS see him as their modern LISABI and would go to war with anyone who dares to belittle their golden son. 

Like a cat with nine lives, Amosun has tasted both defeats and victories in life and politics. He has wanded off many usurper from his people's land in the past, and he is not even stopping. 

As he adds another year, we pray God grant him more prosperous years in good health and wisdom. As a resilient fighter, may he always triumph and live to tell the story.


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