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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Fulani Herdsmen and Miyetti Allah are terrorist groups, primate Ayodele explodes

Nigeria is one of the most terrorised nations of the world, the Northern  part of the nation has become the home of kidnapping, banditry, suicide bombings and other nefarious acts. 

It is excruciating that this menace is suddenly beginning to spread to the southwestern states and this prompted governor Akeredolu of Ondo state to give Fulani Herdsmen in the state ultimatum to leave the forest reserve in the state. 

This has thereby degenerated into a national controversy as the Herdsmen in the state have decided to be recalcitrant to his order,Prompting showdown between the federal government and the Ondo state government. 

Primate Babatunde Ayodele has exploded on this issue, the bold and fearless cleric said "if the government continue to support the Fulani Herdsmen,very soon, the insecurity in the nation will be worse and they will be affected, I said it before and I still stand by it, Fulani Herdsmen and
Miyetti Allah are terrorist groups".

He implored the government to be judicious in handling this issue, he said "the government need to do something drastic now, before the issue becomes more threatening, they should stop this favouritism and do the right thing or else, it will bounce back on them".

He further said "Does Nigeria government want to tell us that the government of Ondo can not act to defend her people, the governor obviously knows what he is doing". 

It can be recalled that Primate Ayodele said that terrorists have infiltrated the southwest but the government ignored his warning, he also prophesied that there will farmers Herdsmen clash in Oyo state, yet the proper attention was not given by the government of the state. 

Primate Ayodele prophesied that many prominent people will die as a result of Covid-19, he prophesied that a former military administrator of Lagos State will die,it has already happened. 

He maintained that the  Nigerian Army can capture Shekau, but the problem is that the sect have people in the Army and the government, he further said that the failure of Buhari to change his service chiefs will further aggravate the delicate and sensitive security situation in the country and will ultimately attract foreign attention. 

He said that their will be a new dawn in 2023 because governors and different politicians will keep moving from one party to another and this will ultimately pave way for what will happen in 2023.

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