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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Hoodlum Invasion: Ikorodu Resident Cries Out To Lagos Govt., FG For Help

By Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo 

....It is said that the seeds of both good and evil is inside every human and it s a constant struggle as to which one will win. we choose the side we wish to belong.

The Residents of

Igboti, IgboAwa, Egan, Ajeregun,

Oriokuta, Itun Alaye Communities all of Isiwu Town in Ikorodu has calls on the Federal Government, Lagos State Government and all security agencies to please as a matter of urgency save them from the Horrors of Mukaila Salau (aka Actor), Matanmi Hakeem (aka Alapa),Riliwan Obarili, Saheed Ishau(aka Destiny) arrested on the 25th of October 2019 and others, As they have chosen to be on the Side of Evil.

How the story started, read from excerpt:

According to eyewitnesses withheld and tconfessions of the three arrested suspects by the men of Nigeria Police Force, They said between 5th and 8th of October 2019, some about hoodlums suspected to be landgrabbers numbering about twenty-six invaded Itunlaye, Ajeregun, Egan, IgboAwa communities of Isiwu Town in Ikorodu.

The invaders was said to have  brandished the community with sophisticated weapons such as: Ak47 riffles, pump actions, cutlasses, knives, axes and charms.

Also they were aided by some bad eggs in the Nigeria Police, while causing unrest in the community by harassing innocent citizens Amebo Online Newspaper learnt.

A resident named Mumuni Ajao was shot by this landgrabbers during this invasion at the above mentioned areas in Isiwu,Ikorodu,Lagos State.

Suspected thugs who caused the mayhem was said to be Saheed Oseni, Kabiru Adebanjo, Seun Abiodun according to the residents of the community. They wrreare the Three(3) suspects arrested with Arms and Amunitions by the police, and have since been arraigned before Magistrate K.K. AWOYINKA of Court 6,Lagos Magistrate Court,Igbosere,Lagos State while twenty three others are still being sought after.

While the Residents of the above named Communities are still recovering from their losses during the previous invasion.

One of the residents who was fatally  injured 

They wokeup to another life threatening Invasion,vandalism on the 25th of October by the 23 others Suspects from the previous invasion, regrouped and heavily armed led by Mukaila Salau (aka Actor), They invaded the the communities for a second time within a month. 

This time some residents were able to record videos of the violent and threatening escapades of this dangerous landgrabbers, while one suspect named Saheed Ishau was arrested and handed over to the police.

Others were identified as: Mukaila Salau(aka Actor),Idowu Erinfolami,Dada Doyin(aka Sharpshooter),Ahmed Fomomeye,Gbenga Yoboro,Tunde Imoru,Leka n Eruidi,Adeleke Musiliu,Abbas Aderibigbe and Debo Asebodunwa.

Others are: *Tunde Adesoye,Keji Ogunkoya,Taiye Ota,Kehind Ota(aka Sharpshooter),Ade Taibat,Sandra Dalemo,Kamoru Balogun,Adeoye Sunday,Bode Ewuade,Goriola,Kayode Hassan,(aka cobbler) and Suleiman Dalemo* all at Large.

It is pertinent to note that the above named Landgrabbers were also part of previous invasion between 5th and 8th of October 2019,As their names were listed among the 23 others still at large at the magistrate court,Igbosere.

Saheed Ishau confessed to all the evil acts perpetrated by Mukaila Salau(aka Actor) who led the invasions of 25th October 2019 and between 5th and 8th October 2019 respectively.

There is a recorded video going round,where Mukaila Salau (aka Actor)  and Saheed Ishau were boasting that no one can arrest them and they are above the law, especially now that their sponsorer and godfather ( Sir K Oluwo) is out of detention.

Saheed Oseni,Kabiru Adebanjo,Seun Abiodun may be charged for attempted murder, forceful entry, land grabbing, Illegal procession of Arms and Amunitions contrary to section 411 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State,2015.

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