Thursday, October 4, 2018


The Alliance for New Nigeria, ANN in Ogun state has lamented on the present state of leadership in the state, saying it is the right time for people to get involved in the electoral process and vote in the right candidates.

This was made known by the party Publicity Secretary, Lugard Ola-Raheem while giving his speech during the ongoing primaries at Centenary Hall, Ake, Abeokuta.

He said, it is disheartening that we haven't got it right with the present myopic nature of leadership in the state, therefore urged people to fully participate in the coming elections.

The speech read thus:

Another election year is around the corner. It is a break for us in Ogun State to choose between continuity and a difference. Politicians are again out to woo the potential voters with unrealistic promises. 

The power of financial inducement has taken the center stage of our electoral system, exploiting the downtrodden with day bread and rhetorics. Some are waiting for the day of election to have their largesse shared at polling units.

It is not enough to collect the permanent voter's Card, PVC and vote on the day of election. It is the responsibility of people in the State to proactively get involved in the political and electoral processes for us to reposition the direction of governance in the state. 

Apart from being our responsibilities to get involved and ensure grassroots mobilization for the election, collection of the PVCs is an instrument to correct the socioeconomic and political deficit hindering growth and development in the state.

A recent media report showed that Ogun State had over 400,000 uncollected PVCs with INEC. The political party, Alliance for New Nigeria however, commends the resilience and steadfastness of people in the State for taking the pains to register. 

We call on the good people of the State not to leave the State project in the hands of the APC led trial and error government. We call on you not to succumb or deter due to the economic hardship by going to collect your PVC without delay. 

Right involvement in the process will correct the purported economic growth ignorantly flaunted on paper by the present administration in the State. It will revive the State moribund agricultural sector, correct the infrastructure deficit, promote community value adding industrialization, redirect the state of education and health and ensure quality representation.

With the State endowed natural and human potentials, Ogun State under a prescient leadership is positioned to become the food basket of the South-West Region. It is disheartening that we haven't got it right with the present myopic nature of leadership in the state.

We however, have a choice to make between continuity of government of deceit and bigotry, and the making of a difference. It may not be convenient for many to reject offer for the election. But it is rewarding not to vote for such candidate who shall do everything to recoup his money.

We call on the INEC and the National Orientation Agency to demonstrate their relevance by leading the awareness campaign for the collection of PVCs and canvass for right voting.
God bless Ogun State
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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