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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Nigerians Still Far From Change They Are Yearning For

As 2019 draws near for the general election in the country, the United Nations Ambassador, Mr. Felix Johnson Osakwe has call on the Federal government of Nigeria to provide the needs of the citizens, saying Nigerians are still far away from the desire change they dreamt for.

Mr. Johnson Osakwe made the call through his Director General, Mr. Olakunle Johnson in his office at Oko-Afo, Badagry axis on Tuesday.

He said what Nigerians are seeing presently in terms of road, electricity, power and healthcare are not what they are expecting both from the State and Federal government. 

According to, Mr. Olakunle Johnson, he said there is need for Nigerians to realize that to get the needed change expected, everyone must change their perception about how politics is being played, but pay more attention to good governance that will promote equal opportunities where people in the rural areas can benefit immensely from the basic necessity of life.

In his words, he said "There is no sense in pursuing national development when we cannot guarantee every Nigerians equal opportunity. As long as the spread of progress is limited to Nigeria, the largest cities whilst the rural communities are left with basic necessities such as good roads, power, healthcare, we cannot said to be a great nation."

He therefore called on Nigerians particularly the youths to actively involved in the politics so that they can be able to choose candidates both at the state and at the Federal level to actualize their dreams.

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