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Friday, April 20, 2018

Mr President The Shaming of Nigerians Must Stop - Segun Showunmi

In the financial year ending 2017, the UK government spent £264 billion on welfare, which made up 34% of all government spending.

It is disingenuous, naive, callow, immature and outrightly unacceptable for President Mohammedu Buhari to make such a comment about the youths of Nigeria especially in the UK where social stabilization and support is as high as 34% of the budget.

Worse is the unintelligent spin bothering on rudeness that His handlers are putting to a national Embarrassment on a Scale never witnessed in the history of leadership in our country.

Had our legislators not been hounded and made spineless it would have been proper for them to ask him to explain why impeachment proceeding should not commence.

No leader of a people should be allowed to shame and embarrass the same people he leads.

There are minimum standards of acceptable behavior and frankly Mr President is not meeting them. No, Mr President you cannot speak about your people, our people like that. It has become a discomforting reoccurrence.

If nothing you should remember the contribution of the group of people you disparaged to your emergence as President and how loyal and fanatical they have been to you and your brand.

I think it is not out of place for you to apologize and instruct your handlers to stop adding insult to our collective injury.

Dear Ever Vibrant Nigerian Youths, my name is Segun Showunmi and I promise you the future is bright we shall jointly put an end to this clueless regime and you will have the opportunity very soon to remind The APC and President Buhari that in a democracy it is reckless to insult the Largest and Most Significant Constituent.

The Greatest of The Greatest, Ever Conscious Nigerian Youths.

Thank You: Segun Showunmi

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