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Sunday, January 21, 2018

I am not an upcoming artist, but a rising star - Lexybay

Adeleke Adebayo popularly know as Lexybay said he will not like to be tagged an upcoming artist, but rather a rising star. Lexybay who is in his late 20s disclosed this in an interview with TRENDING METRO recently in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital. He also said he has produced more than 10 singles and feature in so many singles and albums. Excerpt.

Question: Can we meet you?
Lexybay: I remain Adeleke Adebayo Lexybay a.k.a Young-Super-Lexy. Born bread and buttered in Ogun state, Abeokuta to be precise. I am an artist, a music composer and also an actor.


Question: How do you come about your stage name 'Lexybay'?
Lexybay: well, let me brake it down for you in this way, "Lexy" is a short word for Adeleke, and then Bayo is abbreviated as "Bay".

Question: What prompt you in becoming a musician, particularly a rapper?
Lexybay: Well, I've got passion for music when I was very small. When I was a little kid. Then, I was like this is what I want to do, this is what I'm made for. I just fell in love with music and I start full professionally career in music in the year 2010.

Question: Have you released any album or singles?
Lexybay: Oh Yeah! I've got a lot of singles but not yet compile an album. You know how it goes, for you to compile an album, you have to go through so many things. Too much money is involved, but very soon by the grace of God, the album will be fully compiled and be launched.

Question: How many singles have you produced? 
Lexybay: Well I have a lot of singles to my C.V which I can't even number but I have 3 latest singles that will blow your mind and the entire world up and also, I can't say precisely the exact singles I have featured in.

Question: Who are you favourite artistes?
Lexybay: I listen to much of foreign musics and a little of Naija music and I get inspired by Lil wayne, da C.E.O Da grin, Birdman, Yung Jeezy, 50 cents, Ja rule and a whole lot of cool Dope rappers.

Question: What are the pains and gains of life in music?
Lexybay: Hmm! (Smiles) If you talk about the pains, as an artiste you should know that you through a lot of things, a whole lot of challenges but "o ti mo wa lara" (we have adapted to it) because it's what we do. The gains is when you are arising to things and you keep counting the chedars and when the money start coming, that's when you gain. You meet people, you interact with people, you know people's feelings and something like that. That's all I can say about pains and gains of being an artist. 

Question: Have you been signed into any record label?
Lexybay: I'm currently not working with any label tho I worked with 21st July records in late 2016 till July 2017 but I had to quit the label when I realised that their promotional strategy was weak. So currently I'm a freelance.

Question: What else do you do aside of singing?
Lexybay: (Thinks) I think I'm made to be an entertainer, I just put all my energy to be an artist, a hiphop rappar. But aside of that, I do act, do technical job and other things which I'm not going to tell you about that for now.

Question: What are your relationships with your female fans as an upcoming artist?
Lexybay: Actually I don't prefer to call myself as an upcoming artist, I will like you to call me a rising star. Dealing with ladies is rational, but main issue is that you have to caution yourself. Ladies are always part of our business. We meet a whole lot of ladies everyday and do things together but the main thing as I said earlier is using your brain, your sense is mostly essential if you know you have a bright future.

Question: Where and how can we get your songs and how can we get in touch with you?
Lexybay: You can download my songs via www.upkomers.com, www.tindeck.com/users/lexybay, www.tindeck.com/users/teamxlp. You can also add me up on Facebook by searching for "ADELEKE ADEBAYO LEXYBAY", on Twitter it is "@Lexybay"

Question: Shout out to your fans?
LexybayWhat's up my people, it's still me Lexybay. Please keep loving good music, support me and support good music, also don't give up, because by not giving up is what will make you win in life. Be consistent, do what you've gat to do and believe in it. You going to make it one day.

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