Friday, January 26, 2018


Ogun State House of Assembly aspirant Representing Sagamu State Constituency 1 in the coming 2019 general election under APC, Prince Adejuwon Adeleye David had vow to use his last breath to campaign against the Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar in the coming election.

Adeleye otherwise known as ACAD also vowed to leave the country if Atiku Abubakar becomes the President.

Prince Adejuwon, ACAD

Prince Adejuwon said this when receiving the acting executives of National Association of Nigerian Bloggers (NANB) as guest in his house at Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria recently.

He said Atiku is one of the most corrupt leaders we have in Nigeria, which makes former President Olusegun Obasanjo to campaign against him in 2007, 2011 and 2015 elections.

"Someone Chief Obasanjo opened his secrets and could not come out to defend himself, will that one become my President and I will be looking? A man full of corruption can never be a president in my own country.

"I was once a comrade, and I'm also an activist. I have led groups to so many protest in fighting for my people's right. I will use my last blood to campaign against Atiku to see he never emerged as president in this country.

"If possible he emerged, God forbid, the next action is to resign my appointment as member of the House of Assembly and leave the country with my family to another country."

He said he never knew he will later venture into politics, but when he is screaming try to correct the ills in the society because many Nigerians are just activist by mouth, saying "We shout, talk and scream, we do verything but we never make it happen."

In his words, "Nigeria is sick beyond what we are seeing. I went into politics to help treat Nigeria and to correct the ills in the society. I must get into politics to assist them in making the right decision.

"To be Sincere, the present administration in Ogun State has tried basically the government is still trying, the present administration help us to build Model Schools across the 20 Local Government in the State which Ogun State never had such before.

"Without been bias, the government had tried his best for the people of Ogun State in terms of Education, Health Care and Infrastructure.

"Nigerians are more difficult to lead. To be sincere, President Muhammad Buhari had relaxed during his sickness, but he has tried his best, the problem of Muhammad Buhari is people surrounding him and too many promises he made during his campaign.

"I am one of the people who criticized former President Goodluck Jonathan, i campaigned against him but today I can see Nigeria is not easy to rule."

When reacting to the Obasanjo's letter to the President, he said "My Question is that if Muhammad Buhari did not context then who will? Nobody has the political muscle to push him out.

While declaring his ambition, he said "Let me say, I am vying for the office of the Member of Ogun State House of Assembly to Represent Sagamu State Constituency 1, though I am still making some consultations."

"Out of Assembly members we have today, I can only speak for my own Assembly member who is Hon. Yinka Mafe from Sagamu Constituency 1. In the history of Sagamu State Constituency 1, Hon. Yinka Mafe Actually Delivered.

Prince Adejuwon C Adeleye David was a Formal SUG President while in school years back and an Activist.

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