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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teenagers! Destined to the top

Teenagers are those who who’s age starts from Thirteen (13) to Nineteen (19) years of age.. The age which you start how to plan what you want to be in life.. To be what one wants to be is purpose in life, without purpose no one can achieve greater height, some teenagers came from the poor family while some came from the rich family. Some teenagers do blame God for where they are, there are some circumstances that a teenager find him/herself that do make him/her to blame the creator, ‘N matter who you are, no the background/family/vicinity you found yourself, God has a purpose is for you, ‘for there is no man under the sun that God do not know’. When I was a teenager even up till the time I realized my self, I blame God for where I was, I’ve moved to some people that are in higher places and I learned from them, because I realized that “He who do not learn from history will definitely repeat that same history” so my thinking starts changing, my aims are now in high …….
Teenagers do wish some things that can never come to pass, here are some of the wishes among wish teenagers do wish
- I wish I were born by parents much more richer than these
- I wish I were born with better or higher complexion
- I wish I were born outside Nigeria especially America or Britain
- I wish I looked more handsome or beautiful than this
- I wish I were born with better voice than this
- I wish I could have more talents than I have now
- I wish I could do well in sport like that champion
- I wish I could fly like Mario etc.
To be continued...

All the way to your SUCCESS

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