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Thursday, April 18, 2024

World School Debate: Fruits of Governor AbdulRazaq’s huge investment in education doing the talk

By: Olayinka Fafoluyi

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq's huge investments in education are bearing fruits, as seen in the performance of Kwara State students' recent representation at the prestigious World School Debate in Singapore. This is the second time Kwara students have participated in this international event, the first being in 2022.

In addition to their achievements on the global stage, Kwara students have demonstrated excellence closer to home, securing victories at the 61st and 63rd editions of the national presidential debate in 2021 and 2023, respectively. These accomplishments, under the governance of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, highlight his administration's commitment to education—a stark contrast to previous governments, which mismanaged funds intended for improvement of education in the state.

While the opposition party, the PDP, remains noticeably silent on this achievement, it's clear that the Governor's initiatives are transforming education in Kwara. Historically, the PDP has been criticised for mismanaging funds intended for educational development, particularly the UBEC (Universal Basic Education Commission) intervention funds. This mismanagement had previously resulted in Kwara being blacklisted by UBEC, hindering educational progress.

Since taking office, Governor AbdulRazaq has redirected these funds to effectively improve the quality of education in the state. His administration has rehabilitated over 600 schools that were in disrepair and hired over 5,000 qualified teachers, focusing on merit rather than political affiliations. 

The education initiative, KwaraLearn, which provides teachers with tablets loaded with standardized curriculums, is another example of how technology is being leveraged to enhance learning across the state.

Governor AbdulRazaq's commitment to education has improved schooling and prepared Kwara students to compete and succeed on international stages, such as the World School Debate. His efforts were acknowledged in a 2022 report by Vanguard, which cited both the House of Representatives and the Universal Basic Education Commission praising Kwara's effective use of UBEC funds.

The impact of these educational reforms in Kwara is a promising sign for the state's future. They set a standard for governance that focuses on genuine development rather than political gain. His proactive approach in paying off the billions of UBEC funds diverted by the previous administration, investing in schools rehabilitation, merit based teachers recruitment, introduction of KwaraLEARN, retraining of teachers and prompt payment of salaries is a turnaround from past practices. These steps have restored faith in the state's education system and set a new standard for academic achievement and governance in Kwara State. 

Olayinka Fafoluyi is the Senior Special Assistant, New Media to the Kwara State Governor.

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