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Friday, March 25, 2022

‘My life under threat’ — Man cries out, as cultists burnt down his vehicles

A business man, Abiodun Olusola Awolesi has cried out to the law enforcement agency to save his life from the activities of suspected cultist.

Abiodun Olusola Awolesi, a car dealer who was seeking police protection said the activities of some cultists who daily seeks his life has made life unbearable to him as they daily threatened to kill him if he fails to join their group.

Our reporter gathered that some group of cultists have invaded the business avenue of Awolesi, where not less than seven vehicles were burnt beyond recognition, and properties destroyed.

According to some of the eye witnesses who pleaded anonymity, they said the cultists invaded the premises with sporadic gunshot, which made residents scamper for safety.

It was through the help of the local vigilantes, along with the state security agency, that made the cultists disappear into thin air.

Speaking to Our Correspondent from his hide out through phone call, Awolesi said his travails started sometimes in June 2021, when a childhood friend of his, Oluwafemi Lewis came with one of his friends, Adebayo, popularly known as Bryt to his office in order to purchase a vehicle, Toyota Highlander.

"I gave them the price, and they begged me to bring down the price of the vehicle, saying that Olubayo want to use the vehicle to celebrate his upcoming birthday in July 2021".

He said that it was when they were discussing some issues that bothers on Nigeria economy and others that they invited him to a short get-together the next day in order to know each other better, while also promising that through the gathering, "I may be able to make more friends who may be interested in patronizing me".

"I was glad and promised to be part of the get-together".

"On the day of the get-together which was held at a Mini Bar around Araromi street, Sagamu, I was introduced to many people on that day, and I got to know many of those present that day, unknown that they were group of cultists".

"We were in the middle of the celebration that a man came to me, compelling me to join the group, the Black Axe cult group .

"I was seriously afraid that day, but I used my wisdom to tell them that I will go home to think about it and give them feedback. They promised me a lot of wealth and patronage if I join them, and I said no problem, but until I think about it. It was a call of one of my colleagues that made me "left their midst that day'.

Abiodun Olusola Awolesi, said since the day he left them and on sensing that I tricked them, they have started threatening him to join or he will be killed.

"They told me that I have known them and physically saw some of them, I have become a security threat to them, hence I must be part of their group or be silenced forever.

"About four days after, I left the party, my friend, Akinbolu called me to ask me how far about the feedback, that they haven't heard from me for the past four days, which I told him that I am not interested. 

"He hung up and call me back twenty minutes later to begin to threaten me, but I told him I can't go against the will of God and my conviction.

"Ever since then, I have been receiving lots of threat messages saying I must join them by force or I lose my life and my businesses. I never took it serious until they came to attack me at my house on 20th day of December, 2021, where they beat me to stupor.

"I have to manage to call some local vigilantes in my area for my rescue. It took the intervention of the vigilantes before they took to their heels. It was the vigilantes, headed by Mr Mathew Agbaje who lived close to my farmland in Ajura that took me to a nearby health center where I received treatment during the wee hours of the day."

He then appealed to the police and other law enforcement agency to save his life as many of his businesses and property had been destroyed by this cultists.

While confirming the incident, Ogun state Police spokeman, Abimbola Oyeyemi said the command in on top of the situation.

"Yes, it is true, but I want to assure you that everyone involved will be brought to book very soon. We are leaving no stone unturned because this state can not condone we and cultists."

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