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Saturday, March 4, 2023

PDP members crash with Edo Police in Ekpoma

The Edo state police on the 3rd March 2023 crash with Members of People Democratic party in Ekpoma Esan West Local Government Area of Edo state, over the illegal arrest and detection of People Democratic Party collection officer in Esan West Local Government Area, Mr Julius Ebhomien.

According to some People Democratic Party members who said that Julius Ebhomien, was arrested because he raise alarm that the votes of PDP in his Ward, Ujiogba was reduce, and that of the ruling APC was increased across the polling units in Ujiogba.

Mr Ebhomien Julius who then raised the alarm in Esan West collection of Presidential election results in Ekpoma, that Independent National Electoral Commission, to check the results in all the Ec8 form in Ujiogba to avoid manipulation of results.

He then present INEC the original results across all the units in Ujiogba, signed by INEC returning officer in charge of ward 2 Ujiogba, before he was asked to leave the collection centre by INEC personnel in charge of Esan West local government area Ekpoma Edo state for presenting fakes Results and trying to cause political crisis,the INEC knew that they was caught in there wrong doing they now asked Nigeria police to Arrest Ebhomien Julius,Nigeria democracy is in Danger said by PDP member Mr Anthony Imudia. 
According to Another Member of People Democratic party who was on grand during the protest Mr Adese Clement,said that APC as party since coming into power in May 2015 have set Back Nigeria Democracy and government institutions which are suppose work for the Nigerian citizens are not working to rig election for All Progressive Congress, our Collection officer in Presidential Election Collection Rezult in Ekpoma Esan West only raise alarm over the change of scores of People democratic party across the polling units in Ujiogba and all wards in Esan West local government area, the Apc and her rigging machine plans with Nigeria police INEC to Arrest Ebhomien Julius, because he was defending the mandate given to our Presidential Candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, by well Meaning Nigeria's,the Apc activated her rigging machines to beat and intimate Members of the Opposition party, we are here today to protest the illegal Arrest of Ebhomien Julius by the Nigeria police.
According to newsmen who was on grand during the protest,states that the protest generated into violence after some of the protesters starting buring of tyres on the road,and destruction of government properties.

The Nigeria police came with heavy Resistance thereby crashing with some of the protesters,alot of People Democratic party Members was injured while Mr Igho Oziegbe, age 15 years died in the incident due to the bullet in his body.
According to Nigeria police Force Edo state command said that Members of Opposition party attacked them during the protest held on the 3rd of March stating that the police men on duty acted on seif defence on the Death of Mr Igho Oziegbe, the police command said that Nigerians should remain calm while the police is doing her best to arrest those who attacked Nigeria police during the violent protest that occur on the 3rd of March in Ekpoma Edo state. 

The police further states that Mr Ebhomien Julius, will remain in her custody over the political crisis he caused during the Presidential collection of results on the 26th February at Ekpoma Esan West local government area Edo state,Mr Ebhomien Julius wrote and manipulated all the results in Ujiogba ward 2 Esan West and sign them by himself,as we speak the case is before the Judge

According to the public prosecutor's office, an investigation has begun into the death of the teenager and the officer who shot him. The decision on whether charges will be brought, or whether the case will be dropped will take several weeks.

The EDO State Police Command through the Area Commander, and Divisional Police Officer, has since notified and established contact with the family.

The Command, while commiserating with the family of the deceased over the avoidable and most unfortunate incident, gives assurances that the already commenced investigation into the immediate and remote circumstances leading to the shooting will be brought to a speedy and conclusive end, while equally ensuring that justice is served,” the statement read.

Mr Igho Oziegbe who is a childhood friend of Mr Ebhomien Destiny, was said to have write the West African Examination Council at Grammar Grammar school Ebelle in Igueben local government area of Edo state said the family of the late deceased.

The deceased was said to have followed his childhood friend to the venue of protest in Inec office in Ukhun Road at Ekpoma Edo state.

The Protest later went into violence with some of the people democratic party members try to break into some government office over the illegal detection of Mr Ebhomien.

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