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Monday, June 12, 2023

10th NASS Leadership: Your hovernment already exhibiting dictatorial tendencies - Oodua groups tackle Tinubu

Ahead of the inauguration of the 10th National Assembly on Tuesday, the Oodua People's Frontier (OPF) and the Yoruba Patriots Alliance (YPA) have vehemently condemned the Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led government for its brazen interference in the election of principal officers of the National Assembly, vowing to resist every encroachment on Nigeria's democratic institutions and insisting that the new administration President Bola Tinubu is already exhibiting dictatorial tendencies. 

The groups in a statement jointly signed by the Convener of the Oodua People's Frontiers, Comrade Moses Oluwasegun Odewale and the National President of  Yoruba Patriots Alliance, Comrade Anuoluwabamise Adetutu, the bodies expressed their “utmost dissatisfaction and concern over the flagrant disregard for democratic principles demonstrated by this administration. 

“It is disheartening to witness the relentless attempts by the government to utilize security agencies as tools of intimidation, coercing aspiring candidates into submission. Such actions are not only undemocratic but also threaten the very foundations of our democracy. 

“Nigeria is not an agberocracy; we are a nation founded on democratic principles, where the separation of powers and the independence of the legislative and judicial arms are paramount. 

“We vehemently repudiates any misguided parallel drawn between Nigeria and the confined realm of Lagos State, where agberos and touts reign supreme. 

“We assert that Nigeria, as a whole, transcends the narrow scope of a single state and operates on an entirely different scale of governance”, the groups said. 

The Oodu’a groups noted that 
“It is shameful that the current government, barely at the outset of its tenure, is already exhibiting dictatorial tendencies. Considering the use of court orders to impede eligible candidates from exercising their fundamental rights to contest for principal offices in the Senate is not only an affront to our democracy but also a blatant violation of the principles of justice and fairness.

“The Oodua People's Frontier (OPF) and the Yoruba Patriots Alliance (YPA), stand firmly against any attempt by this administration to undermine our democratic systems. We refuse to be silent spectators as our democracy is eroded by the very government entrusted to uphold it. 

“We will resist every encroachment on our democratic institutions with unwavering determination.

“The people of Nigeria deserve leaders who respect the tenets of democracy and uphold the principles of good governance. 

“We demand that the Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led government refrain from further interference in the electoral process and respect the rights of eligible candidates to contest for principal offices in the National Assembly.

“In light of the unabated intimidation of candidates and the flagrant encroachment upon the election process for the principal offices of the Senate, it becomes unequivocally evident that any Nigerian harboring the belief that this administration can genuinely revive their aspirations is gravely deceiving themselves. 

“The prevailing demeanor and actions of the government cast profound doubts on their capacity to reignite a semblance of hope.

“We are totally dismayed at the recent trending video of the Vice President Kashim Shettima, announcing the stepping down of Hon. Aliyu Betara and Hon. Yusuf Gagdi in favor of their preferred candidate, Hon. Tajudeen. 

“We consider this move to be not only shameful but also a blatant affront on democracy and the principles of separation of powers. In a true democratic society, the election of principal officers of the National Assembly is not the duty of the Executive arm of government, rather, it is the prerogative of the elected members of the National Assembly. 

“It is their right to choose individuals who they believe will best represent the interests and aspirations of our Nation. Any attempt to manipulate or interfere with this process undermines the essence of democracy and erodes the trust and confidence of the electorate.

“We call upon the judiciary to be observant and vigilant in the face of these undemocratic actions. It is crucial for them to protect the integrity of our democratic institutions and ensure that the will of the people is upheld.

“Furthermore, we urge the international community to closely monitor the situation unfolding in our nation. Nigeria, as a democratic country, should not be tarnished by such actions that undermine the principles we hold dear. 

"We call on international bodies and organizations to lend their voices and support in condemning any attempts to subvert democracy.

“Our democracy has come a long way, and it is disheartening to witness it being dragged into the mud through actions that disregard the will of the people. 

“We shall not waver in our efforts to protect the rights of the Nigerian people and hold those in power accountable for their actions”, the statement concluded.

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