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Thursday, February 23, 2023

See the amazing profile of Abeokuta south ADP House of Reps candidate, Moshood Ogunwoolu

As 2023 election gathers momentum, the house of representatives candidate, Representing Abeokuta South Constinuecy for Action Democratic Party (ADP) Moshood ‘Shud’ Ogunwoolu has drop his amazing profile for his followers to see the quality of leadership in him.

Read the amazing profile below

I spent most of my teenage years in Abeokuta, where I was raised by smart, hardworking family members. 

Every street I have lived on in Isabo, Oke Ijeun, Ijaye, Olorunsogo, Ake, Ibara, Amolasho, Pansheke, and others, had one thing in common: the tenacity and genuine desire to succeed and make our communities proud.

The proof of our people's tenacity is not hard to find. We see it in numerous commendable sport activities directed towards community improvement, and in direct, political community development projects. 
 I remember as though it were yesterday, how our brothers started NEYOCA (Nepa Road Youth Carnival), Isabo Youth Carnival, and other contemporary development projects. Perhaps, the greatest in their fields are our peers in philantrophy and community development. It's not a surprise that we often like to showcase their efforts in every of our events.

I grew up getting inspiration and motivation from these examples that our promising brothers and sisters have set. 

It's breaks me to say that today, it disturbs me to see how things have changed. Things are not only getting worse, opportunities are also getting increasingly harder to come by. 

Nowadays, widespread unemployment, poverty, and other signs of a failing economy are the norm. Our parents, our babas and mamas, are growing increasingly angry as the level of poverty continues to worsen. Our brothers are running amok in the streets unemployed, battling with failing businesses and a deterioriating community.

Though we often point the finger at our governors and the president, it is more important to start paying attention to what our elected legislators and representatives are doing to address the real causes of our problems.  

In the past, being a member of house of representative is usually a compensation for being loyal to a governor or a party. The understanding of a large percentage of our people is that, house of representative is a retirement home for politicians who can no longer run for some offices or have no chance of getting elected into those offices. 

These things have to change and I firmly believe that they will. 

But if they must change, we need ambidextrous young leaders who can attend to important officials tasks on one hand, while, on the other hand, still supporting community initiatives that's equipped to solve overwhelming problems in the constituency. 

The standard set for us in the past requires young people to rise, take the roles of leadership and use their talents and skills to help our community. This is the standard I grew up knowing and this is the standard I have stayed true to in the last 15 years. 

Through my not-for-profit organization, I've had the honour of promoting, advocating for, and supporting a number of projects for the advancement of our society. 

Under the umbrella of HDF, our not-for-profit organization, I have made remarkable contribution to the fields of entrepreneurship and education. The Graduate Entrepreneurship Project of the HDF initiative offers career support for young people, while our Book2School project, focuses on educational initiatives for schoolchildren and provision of personal care and support for the aged.

In these years of my philanthropy, my most amazing discovery to date is that visionary leadership, one that engages the community, accesses the issues, and forms local teams to address the issues, is all that is required to solve the increasing social problems in our society. 

If we have sympathetic individuals representing us in different political stances, we would solve serious societal issues locally and give more people the opportunity to use their ingenuity to profer solutions and shape the future we want through cultured systems. 

This is the sole and most compelling reason for my interest in running in the upcoming election for the Abeokuta South Local Government Consitutency position with the Action Democratic Party (ADP). 

I'm well grounded in sociological and entrepreneurial education and I have gathered uncommon experience through my businesses and not-for-profit organization. I'm confident that I possess the necessary knowledge and abilities to represent the good people of Abeokuta South Local Government in the Lower National Chambers. 

My manifesto is straightforward because I am particularly concerned with providing young people with genuine opportunity for success and long-term change that will benefit all of us. While we respond to all national assignments, we will utilise government and personal resources efficiently to create teams and engage young people and sons of the soil in addressing our common problems.

I am hopeful that as we go to the polls on the 25th of February 2023 we vote for sustainable development, we vote for the future we desire. A vote for Moshood Ogunwoolu "shud" bring the change we desire. 

Thank you.
Moshood ‘Shud’ Ogunwoolu
ADP Candidate.

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