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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Yaman and his shoes of trouble

By Lateef Olamilekan 

The Governorship Candidate of the Opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in my state is one Shuaib Yaman.

I've not had the opportunity to have seen any video of him speaking directly to issues either on live TV, pre-recorded or in print - he's nowhere to be found.

One astonishing thing is that since he declared his bid for the governorship seat, he has been a recurrent guest in the online news platform, always in the news.

A discerning one would have thought he's in the news because he's addressing issues of governance or meeting different fora in the state to galvanize support but no. 

The candidate is wearing a shoe of trouble, he's always running from one trouble to the other, hardly would a week come by without him being in the news for negative reasons though.

At a time, he was in the news for not being in the state he wishes to govern for the Sallah festival but rather stayed back in his official residence in Kaduna State, North West Nigeria.

He was also reported to have donated a paltry sum of 750k to the victims of the Alanamu inferno with some getting as low as 3000 naira, how would you give someone who lost almost a million naira something as low as that, isn't that trouble finding and prospeterous. 

This week, Yaman has now rammed into another trouble.

A Former Governorship candidate of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) in Kwara state, North Central Nigeria Dr. Abdulmumin Yinka Ajia sued Yaman for 2500 dollars debt.

This is contained in suit no. KWSG/280/2022 pending at High Court of Kwara State, sitting in Ilorin.

Ajia was reported to have after trying to reach out to Yaman through his friends and political associates resort to litigation as his final of reclaiming the fund he Yaman owed him.

The fund was reportedly lent to Yaman in the build up to the primaries to settle party leaders and delegates.

Yaman in a statement credited to his Media aide said the fund in dispute was for a manifesto the plaintiff wrote for him.

Shameless trouble finding Yaman couldn't come up with a manifesto that he had to hire the service of Ajia to help him come up with a manifesto.

Isn't that supposed to be the first duty of a candidate who's serious about governance? I would leave the answer to Kwarans to decide during the election in 2023.

I will be waiting on the sidelines for him to get into another trouble again.

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