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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Let's 'Buga Won' for Governor AbdulRazaq

by Lateef Olamilekan

Since the 2023 governorship election would be a referendum of AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq’s performance in the last 3 years, then the people focused governor should start dancing LoLoLo Buga Won.

Before AbdulRazaq came on aboard in 2019, the state government made life for the civil servants in the state extremely harsh and unbearable by paying Geri-gedi salary.

They didn't only stop at that, they did massive recruitment of workers codenamed "sunset workers" in a bit to create problem for the incoming administration.

But AbdulRazaq weathered the storm, he didn't sack them all as expected but paid them for 6 months of which they weren't even working, most of them are even card carrying members and party executives of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

He gave them right of first refusal for the qualifed ones amongst them when he begun the massive recruitment of competent school teachers later, please let's Buga Won!

AbdulRazaq also inherited thousands of dilapidated primary schools across the 16 Local Government of the state, some without teachers, some without chairs and tables, infact some students are left to sit down under the tree in some of the schools.

AbdulRazaq with his prodigious intellect access UBEC funds by paying counterpart fund, of which he inherited the state being blacklisted by UBEC for diversion of similar funds by his predecessors.

The fund he accessed from UBEC was immediately put to use in the construction, remodeling and reconstruction of basic schools, local contractors were patronized thereby increasing the state's GDP.

The schools were revived with state of the art classrooms and furnitures. Let's Buga Won!

The 2023 elections is about referendum and a vote of confidence in the AbdulRazaq’s administration.

So for people wishing the governor’s well for his efforts in the civil service and education, let's start dancing down lololo before we Buga won in March 2023 when AbdulRazaq would have resoundingly been re-elected for a second term in office.

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