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Thursday, September 15, 2022

2023: What will Kwara oppositions campaign with?

By Muiz AbdulSamad

Since members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara state have shamelessly said they would contest the 2023 governorship election, can we ask them what they will campaign with when the campaign for Governorship and State House of Assembly commence fully in October 2022?

If not that the members of the PDP in Kwara and the Saraki dynasty are shameless, they wouldn't have said they would contest the 2023 election. These are the same people who made life hard for our hardworking and patriotic civil servants.

When our civil servants were bitterly complaining about the previous administration's geri-gedi salaries, the former Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki and his minion– former governor Abdulfatah Ahmed were busy looting Kwara's treasury. 

When our roads and health centres were sending our people to the journey of no return because of their terrible conditions, Saraki and his minion– former governor Abdulfatah Ahmed were emptying our treasury. They didn't care about the people who made them the pilot of our dear State of Harmony. 

When our schools' dilapidated conditions were threatening our children, Saraki and his minion never mind. They both sat round our treasury and were sipping it like Habib Yoghurt. They made life hard for many until Kwarans thought it was necessary to end their evil reigns through the polls.

If the members of Kwara PDP had realised the reasons why Kwarans showed them the exit door in 2019, this piece wouldn't have been necessary. Maybe, I would have invested my time in something else. Their reason(s) for contesting would have been justifiable. But these people haven't. They still believe they did not wrong Kwara and Kwarans.

God forbid, if these people are given another opportunity to rule Kwara State, no doubt, they would ruin it again. This time around, it would be worst times two. For a State that's just recuperating from their 16 years of rot, it would be from grace to grass. Birds and rats will return to their days of not squeaking and chirping. 

Surely, Kwara PDP do not have what they will campaign with except fake news and propaganda. No thanks to Bukola Saraki who asked his paid fake boys to increase the volume of their lies and propaganda against AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in a viral video. Unfortunately for Omo Baba Oloye and his henchmen, Kwarans have known them to be enemies of progress.

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