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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Refund YPP Candidate Yakubu Gobir's N26.5 million grant immediately, Kwarans tackle ENetSuD

•ENetSuD Coordinator living large in Rwanda on political largesse

Following revelations that the Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD) is part of the campaign advocacy of the gubernatorial candidate of Young Progressive Party (YPP) in Kwara State Malam Yakubu Gobir, some Kwarans have expressed their disappointment, knocking the civil society group for such crude partisanship.

You will recall that a graphics filtered through the social media last weekend, mobilising support for Yakubu Gobir, with COURTESY: ENETSUD emblazoned on it.

Though the civil society organisation has denied that the graphics emanated from them, Kwarans say to clear all doubts, the Sole Administrator of ENetSuD Abdullateef Alagbonsi must openly reject the N26.5 million grant from the politician (Gobir), out of which they have reportedly collected N10 million.

They said no responsible CSO collects grant from politically exposed persons as ENetSuD has done.

“I am seriously disturbed with the emerging claims that ENetSuD a civil society organisation I deem to be independent and reliable collected a multi-million naira grant from a politician. That action has destroyed any claim to credibility, reliability and trustworthiness. Before anything, they must refund the N10 million part payment immediately. If they cannot do that, they should stop deceiving Kwarans by parading themselves as an independent CSO. They are free to register as a political group that they are,” a visibly angry Olukayode Akin voiced out.

Also commenting, Nasiru Abdulgafar said ENetSuD has shot itself in the leg with the patronage they get from politicians.

“As a CSO that lays claim to independence, fairness and objectivity, the ideal thing is for them not to collect any money from politicians. Once they do that, they have unreasonably tied themselves to the apron strings of the politician. ENetSuD should first go and take class on how leading CSOs survive without getting sponsorship from politicians. They have really turned out to be an embarrassment that discerning people would not take seriously again, until they refund the grant. This is the lens from which people will be viewing all their positions and revelations.”

Apart from Gobir, ENetSuD has also been accused of getting patronage from other politically exposed personalities, especially in the opposition, to support their cause.

An insider familiar with the development said that is why many of their donors are tagged as anonymous.

“Most of the anonymous donors are opposition politicians who feel the machinations of ENetSuD fit into their own political calculation,” he said.

“Most of us are not happy with the way Alagbonsi is running this CSO, I must tell you. He has turned it to a platform for politicians. This is not the objective for which I personally joined.”

He threatened to divulge how ENetSuD Coordinator Alagbonsi has been living large in Rwanda from where he strikes his deal with politicians packaged as anonymous donors.

He should be ready to open his books to the public by publishing the account statement of ENetSuD and all the transactions they have entered so far since they champion transparency and integrity.

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