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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Lagos Clash: I made false accusation under duress - Victim

Olagunju Rasheed, a man whose Keke Marwa was vandalized and burnt to aches yesterday during the attack between the Lagos Parks and Garages Management Committee, headed by Musiliu Akinsanya and the Tricycle Owners and Operators Association of Nigeria, headed by Azeez Abiola have said that he was been threatened to lie against the opposition.

Recall that the boys of Akinsanya also known as MC Oluomo attacked the boys of Azeez also known as Istijabah at Iju-Fagba area of Agege, Lagos state.

Rasheed had earlier alleged that the boys of MC Oluomo attacked his Marwa and burnt during the time he was in the toilet.

Not too long, Rasheed also claimed that it was Istijabah's boys that came to launch the attack, and vandalized many properties, including his Keke Marwa.

When speaking with some Lagos based Bloggers, Rasheed was quoted "The Istijabah's boys came for the attack, and I can say it categorically."

Our Reporter learnt that Rasheed again, after knowing fully well about the repercussion of his misleading statements came out openly by saying he granted the interview under duress.

Rasheed also known as Eko claimed that he granted the interview due to fact that MC Oluomo's boys promised to get him a brand new Marwa for his commercial purpose.

In his words, he said "I lied during the interview yesterday, and I have not been myself since then. I need to retract my statement back to let my conscience rest.

"The first interview I granted was the authentic one, while the other one where I said the attack was launched by Alhaji Istijabah boys was fake. It is not possible for our Chairman to instigate the attack and burn my Marwa.

"We the Keke riders are his boys and friends too. Alhaji Istijabah is our man any day any time. MC Oluomo is not happy with his success. He want to take over the operation of Keke Marwa activities by all means, hence causing havock every day.

"I believed them when they told me that they will replace my Keke Marwa with new one, unknown it's a fake promise. I was threatened to lie against Alhaji Istijabah by gun, I don't know what came over me.

"As a good Muslim who also believe in the holy month of Ramadan, I want to beg for forgiveness for misleading the public, lying against TOOAN Chairman, Alhaji Istijabah."

Rasheed also claimed that no amount of threat will make him do such a thing again.

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