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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Promote Justice, equity to guarantee World Peace, Varsity Don urges Nigeria and World leaders at Crescent 16th Founders Day Lecture

A Varsity Don, Professor Tajudeen Olalekan Yusuf has called on world leaders to promote, justice, equality and fairness in all affairs in order to guarantee world peace.

Professor Yusuf, a Professor of Insurance and Risk Management at the University of Lagos spoke on the topic " Islam and the Promotion of Peace, Unity and Security in Nigeria at the 16th Founder's Day Lecture of the Crescent Univeristy, Abeokuta held at the Bola Ajibola Auditorium.

Making reference to the ongoing invasion of Ukrain by Russia, Professor Yusuf said since no nation can live in isolation from other nations, we cannot discuss peace in Nigeria and ignore the interconnectedness of modern states with one another, since insecurity in any nation can threaten the peace and unity of other nations.

" The crisis in Ukraine is affecting the prices of food and oil in other parts of the world. The crisis in Ukraine is affecting other European nations in their immigration and diplomatic dealings with the rest of the world ", he said.

While saying that the lack of justice has been the bedrock of crisis in all parts of the world, the guest lecturer called on the handlers of the world to promote justice in all entirety.

He however submitted that the current raging war in Ukraine and other parts of the world has called to question the potency of the United Nations Security Council to douse tension and create a free world, despite being a body constituted to promote world peace and maintain balance.

Professor Yusuf while calling for a just and equal world said justice must be done and seen to have been done in all ramifications, lamenting however that this has not been the case especially in actions taken against the backdrop of ongoing war in Ukraine.

" Most curiously in a world that preaches and eulogises democracy as the most appropriate system of rule in the modern world is the existence of veto power by the United Nations Security five permanent members- USA, UK, France, Russia and China which has made a mockery of the rule of equal representation and principle of one man, one vote ".

" To prevent insecurity and disunity, justice should be our watchword regardless of who's ox is gored. Sectiomalism in tribalism, ethnicity and partnership should be eschewed in our interactions with others".

According to the guest lecturer, the country Nigeria is in dire need of a divine approach which most of the time has been ignored and treated with levity.

He however stated that it is not about prayers alone, but the need to work hard to achieve the desired peace.

" For me, it is not all about prayers non-stop. A little bit of prayer and more hard work. That is how nations grow".

Professor Yusuf blamed the problems of insecurity in the country and across board on the failure of the family system both at the nuclear and extended level.

He said " Insecurity is largely fueled by the breakdown of the family system both at the nuclear and extended levels. This is because every bandits and kidnappers belongs to a family somewhere.

The Varsity don challenged Muslims to stand upright and refuse to jump on the bandwagon of unrighteousness, chaos and confusion that enveloped the nation.

Sad he" Muslims should not be found supporting anarchy, chaos and discord. We should be harbinger of hope to a beleaguered nation where impunity seems to be the order of the day"

He however lamented that unfortunately "Only few Mislims have lived above board in this regard".

Professor Yusuf observed that the 17 Sustainable Developmet Goals of the United Nations align with the five thematic objectives of the Islamic law, which shows that world peace, equality and unity is paramount to Islamic believe.

At the event Bola Ajibola Community Service Award were given to distinguished individuals including, Former Chairman, Ogun State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board, Dr. Isiaq Yusuf,foremost motion picture Producer, Mr. Tunde Kelani, a Real Estate Development expert, Mr Jide Taiwo, President Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria, Mr Desmond Nwachukwu and Mr Bolaji Amusan a.k.a Mr. Latin.

The Vice Chancellor of the institution, Professor Ibrahim Gbajabiamila while welcoming the guests said the awardees were carefully selected based on their contributions to Community service.

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