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Saturday, February 5, 2022

ABDULRAZAQ: The man with the Midas touch

What defines an individual is his or her strength of character. Kwara State is today going through different stages of transformational change, thanks to our exemplary Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq who's committed to providing uncommon leadership and accountability in governance — a trait he has demonstrated quite often.

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has demystified the seat of a governor with his humility and respect for his people, and this has endeared him to the ordinary people even more. His administration's achievements in the areas of infrastructure in just over two years have overshadowed 16 years of pilfering of our treasury by some elements. From construction and reconstruction of road projects all over the state to the rehabilitation of moribund healthcare facilities in a bid to provide quality and affordable healthcare services for the good people of Kwara. His administration is scored high by the Universal Basic Education Board that had before the emergence of his administration blacklisted Kwara for diversion of funds and its failure to pay counterpart funds as elementary education received an extraordinary boost with the ongoing massive reconstruction in both primary and secondary schools across the state to enhance productivity and encourage school enrolments amongst all children of school age. He has shown the world that he has the Midas touch to make Kwara great again.

The overhaul in the educational sector didn't stop at the rehabilitation of schools, his administration followed it up with teachers' recruitment that was adjudged to be the best in recent years not just in Kwara but globally. You needed not to know any godfather, all that was required of you is merit.

Across the political divides, thousands of Kwarans were recruited into the workforce and are now earning their daily bread. No hassles. Don't forget the recent implementation of the full minimum wage.

Many homes across the state now have access to clean water for domestic and industrial use just like a host of rural communities are now connected to the national grid. Infrastructural development is key to driving economic growth and development, and Governor AbdulRazaq is doing his bit to turn things around for the good of Kwarans regardless of creed, ethnicity, or political difference.

Governor AbdulRazaq has recorded all of these in the face of dwindling economic fortunes. Political will and determination to achieve success in whatever given circumstances define a man and Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq possesses the magic wand to transform Kwara State into a choice destination for investors. 

We celebrate your unwavering commitment to ensuring that no part of Kwara is left behind to achieve a truly democratic and egalitarian society through engendered prosperity. 

Happy Birthday to you, Sir! May the blessings of the year be yours.

Fafoluyi Olayinka
Special Assistant, New Media

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