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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

RRS arrests three in Agege for rubbery

The Decoy Team of the Lagos Rapid Response Squad (RRS), yesterday night in Agege arrested three robbery suspects for dispossessing a pedestrian of N100,000, three mobile phones and a wristwatch.
The suspects - Ridwan Imran (20), Lukman Abiodun (18) and Abdulahi Isa (18) were reported to have approached their victim and demanded a raise before eventually chasing him and robbing him of his belongings.
The suspects, led by Lukman Abiodun in company of four others, some of them still at large, had approached the complainant at about 9:00 p.m. in Isheri - Berger Garage demanding he assist them with money. The victim had explained that he had no money.
The suspects harassed and chased him to Agege Stadium, smashed a bottled on his head, pushed him inside the drainage and dispossessed him of a hundred thousand naira, three mobile phones and a wristwatch all estimated at over N600,000:00. 
The Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS), CSP Olayinka Egbeyemi, who intercepted a distress call from the area about traffic robbery, directed the Decoy Team to the scene where three of the principal suspects were chased and arrested while others escaped.
Preliminary investigations by the team resulted in the recovery of one of the victim’s three mobile phones from where it was hidden.

According to the victim, Yusuph Ahmed, “I was summoned by one of my customers, who had given me a N100,000:00 to refurbish a Sienna car. I got to Isheri – Berger Garage where they (pointing to Ridwan Imran and Lukman Abiodun) ordered me to give them money for food.
I pleaded with them that I had no money on me. Within a twinkle of an eye, they mobilized their colleagues, apparently lurking around. 

They were about six in number. I had to flee. They chased me from Isheri – Berger Garage to Agege stadium. They beat me ceaselessly and broke a bottle on my head.
I was lucky, their leaders were arrested right there by RRS men. It was as if God answered my prayers. I had given up hope of surviving it”. he stated.
CSP Olayinka Egbeyemi assured the victim that all the suspects involved in the robbery would be brought to book, emphasizing that those who are not prepared to earn a living legitimately would have a tough time habitating in Lagos.

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