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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Gani Adams can no longer speak for Oodua People's Congress - OPC New Era

The New Era of the Oodua People's Congress have said that Chief Gani Adams can no longer speak for the froup again, saying he has been removed from the group.

In a Press Release signed by the general secretary, Oyename Adebayo, this evening, stated that The New Era is at the helm of affairs of the group, and not Gani Adams.

The Press Release read thus:
Nigeria is again approaching another epochal moment in its history with the electioneering machinery of many individuals and political support groups prepped towards the scramble for relevance and pre-eminence in the next general election billed for early 2023, a little over a year away from now.

It is thus not surprising that the conman, turncoat and double agent Gani Adams we unceremoniously removed as the leader of the OPC is back again ascribing the same leadership to himself in continual self-denial of truth.

This rebuttal is meant to again put a lie to Gani’s false claims and to serve as a warning to all the members of the public who continue to belief in his (Gani’s) deceptive and fraudulent claim(s).

His most recent delusional statement in opposition to an assemblage of over 50 Yoruba groups who allegedly unanimously agreed to work for a Yoruba person as president in the coming general election is further prove of Gani’s psychosis.

Gani Adams much like his predecessor, the late Dr. Frederick Faseun met his waterloo through self-serving involvement in political brigandry against his own kith and kin, and therefore considered to be unpatriotic and anti-Yoruba.

It is on record that Gani was expelled from the OPC following an imprudent political rally he led in support of the erstwhile president, Goodluck Jonathan on 17 March 2015. Having collected money and contracts from the then ruling party. Adams then mobilised the structure of the OPC to launch a vicious attack on Lagos and Lagosians with the cacophony of gunshots enough to cause hypertension in people with issues pertaining to high blood pressure.

While that treacherous action does not come as a surprise to those of us who, while previously close to him, built him and the organisation he brazenly abused, his recent but habitual grandstanding to the effect that he was dissociating the OPC from support for Yoruba aspirants in the coming election is unbecoming, and triggers suspicion of mental instability which we have already severally warned the world of.

It is a fact that Gani harbours animosity for Asiwaju Tinubu and lately, Kayode Fayemi, the incumbent Ekiti State governor who have both stopped the cash flow to Gani, but what baffles observers is his disposition towards Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to warrant such a frontal attack on the VP beyond the fact that Prof. Osinbajo rebuffed attempts by Gani to gain his goodwill after Gani’s favoured party and candidates lost out in the 2015 elections.

This again brings to the fore the fact that Gani Adams was once psychiatrically challenged and is obviously still not in full control of his reasoning faculty.

Why -as our fathers will query- is Gani defecating into the pot that cooks the food he eats? He has on record said that he would rather walk into the bush than tread on the path Tinubu trod as further prove that Gani’s agenda is only self-serving, narrow-minded and is an intent to cut off the nose to spite the face.

For the avoidance of doubt, Gani Adams is no longer a member of the OPC since July 2017. Except for a band of renegades who continue to do his bidding and call themselves a group. There therefore exist four factions of the OPC if we reason thus namely; New Era, Reformed, Faseun and the band of impostors who still pander to Gani Adams biddings.

We as a group are clear on our demand which is; the creation of our own independent Oduduwa Republic, or if that is unachievable and Nigeria remains one until the 2023 election, to support a Yoruba candidate as president.

We are not bastards who indicate where he resides with the left hand; we a true Yoruba patriots. And this bring up the matter of Gani’s co-conspirators among the Yoruba elite intelligentsia and fraudsters who congregate under the banner of the Oodua Progressive Union (OPU) and continue to prod Adams on for the plate of pottage they hope to get from him.

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