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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

How TOMS Properties CEO, Dayo Ogugbadejo dumped certificate to pursue dream in real estate

TOMS Properties Nigeria Limited is a household name among popular real estate companies in Abuja. The Real estate company is known for its cheap houses which has made housing affordable to the less privilege people of the Federal Capital Territory. 

But, not many information was known about the energetic, visionary young man who is behind the idea. Jimi Dayo Ogunbadejo, an Ondo-born industrial relations graduate was the initiator of the idea. 

Born into the family of Ogungbadejo over four decades ago, he was a native of Ilara Moke in Ondo state and he graduated in 2008. 

His passion for real estates has been in him since he was a kid when he used to follow his mother, a popular contractor in Abuja to sites. 

Ogugbadejo in an exclusive interview claimed since he was in primary school that he has always followed his mother to constriction sites. 

"Since then I have developed passion for construction and building, but at the same time I did not have oppourtunity to do science in secondary school.

"When my siblings are not ready to go to site, I will be the first person to show interest and will followed my mum", he revealed. 

Ogunnbadejo also revealed that the books he read while growing up inspired him to become a real estate owner instead of using his certificate to look for job. 
He added, "when I was growing up, I read a book that says it is good to be your own boss rather than looking for a white collar job. 

"The quote inspired me and I discovered my passion is in building and construction which I have been doing since I was a kid. 

"It took me months to decide what I want to do after graduation. But at the end I choose my passion over what I went to learn in school."

Ogungbadejo through TOMS estate has not only make houses accessible to people, he has lessen the challenges by making it affordable and convenient. 

With his TOMS Estate, Ogungbadejo made the process of getting a house stressful and also proved to be a trusted company where people can always run to. 

Paper works of the estate is complete as TOMS Estate do not engage in dubious transaction of selling land to more than one customers. 

The prices of their housing estate is affordable to the people. There are standardized prices for different land sizes and building prototypes. 

The prices of the TOMS Estate is determined by current market value giving consideration to the current economic strength of the nation.

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