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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Dagbalodo's water challenges and many questions for Enetsud

It is in the public domain a video of some community folks digging up the soil in search of water in Dagbalodo village of Patigi local government area of the state.

Sadly, this is a community in Patigi, where Hon. Bahago represented for 16 years as member of the House of Representatives.

More saddening is the fact that Bahago was House Chairman on Water during his spell at the House of Representatives.

Yet, our civil society organization in Kwara, through its Coordinator, has publicly endorsed this former member of the house of representatives, from Kwara north as the governor of Kwara state, come 2023.

Despite the huge budgetary allocations purportedly allocated to the sector by the past administrations in the water sector, the Abdulrazaq administration inherited no functional waterworks in the state while the entire staff of the water corporation were on strike for non-payment of salaries, at the inception of this government. 

A flashback to the 16 horrible years of decadence of the past administrations in Kwara state is a sad chapter in the history of the state that the people will not forget in a hurry. It was an unmitigated disaster, corruption oozed to high heavens. Kwara state laid prostate, holding thinly onto life on oxygen, having been sucked and sapped of all nourishment for growth and prosperity. Every sector of government was crying for attention.

By the time Mallam AbdulRazaq Abdulrahman took over leadership in May 2019, Kwara was in such a terrible state that it was like starting afresh -- rebuilding the broken down infrastructure and lifting the morale of workers.

Despite the the challenges, as a responsible government, the administration has accepted responsibility for the people's welfare and has stated unequivocally it is not proud of this preexisting precarious situation, such as the one at Dagbalodo community, promising to ramp up existing efforts and partnerships to bridge the inherited infrastructural gaps in not just the water sector but in virtually every area of basic human needs across the state.      

What then is Dr Alagbonsi, Enetsud coordinator's justification for Bahago's public endorsement?

If his personal assessment, as being noticed goes contrary to the expected norm of a civil society platform, he should excuse himself from the noble cause of civil society obligation and join the political space, just as a former member of the PDP.

As we approach the political climate, let no one mislead the public.

"E fu 'ra!, pansa o fu 'ra, pansa ja s'ina, aja o fu 'ra ...

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