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Friday, April 9, 2021

Onasa Royal Family take over there forefathers land from landgrabbers

The Ogun state High court of Justice ,Ogun State of Nigeria,Ijebu Ode Judicial Division holden  at Ijebu Ode has ruled that the land in suit no HCJ/214/2019 belongs to Onasa Royal family in judgement delivered on 30th day of November 2020 by Hon Justice O.S.Olusanya.

It was learnt that the matter had been in court since 2008 and the Onasa royal family won the case in 2018.

Recall that the head of the family ,High Chief Gbeminiyi Akinyemi and some notable members of the family went back to the court and on November 30, 2020 and won the case.

Our reporter further learnt that the possession  of the said land located on the Agbowa /Sagamu road ,in Odogbolu local Government Area of Ogun State on survey plan no OG/1134/2013/05 & OG 1134/2014/ 034 was effected on March 25,2021 by law enforcement agencies, to our surprised the next day ,hoodlums/ landgrabbers went there and removed the posters and uprooted the billboards.

Speaking on the menace of the hoodlums/landgrabbers ,One of the notable members of the family, Mrs Musira Ibrahim Efunsanya,78year- 0ld, who narrated her ordeal that,She had been farming on the farm since her childhood  years with her parents and the last time she went to the farm the Land grabbers beat her mercilleslly.
She said that was over eight years ago,yet she is still nursing the wound they inflicted on her.

The youth leader of the Onasa Royal family, Mr Sunday Asekun also recounted his encounter with the hoodlums saying that on September 12,2009 they burnt four of his motorcycles ,beat and wounded members of his family.
He further said his family had to leave the community over three years due to constant threats and harrasment.

He further said after reporting the matter to the police they gave us a patrol team and the land grabbers attacked us again.

Asekun added that many of of their family have lost there life on the matter like late Ganiyu Sunday Sangosanya Arije.

On his part,High Chief Jimoh Balogun appealled to the government to come to there aids by helping them to curb all the menace of the landgrabbers/ hoodlums in the area.

He further said ,they have been in court severally and the writ of possession have been granted to the family, but the landgrabbers are now bragging that no government or individual can send them away from the land.

According to him,about 12villages own the land comprising Lego, Owode, Ijebukowo, Abule Igbari, Nugben Oke, Nugben isale, Agbangba,Abatiwa,Ita Ala,Losewe ,Efunreren and Oko Igbo.

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