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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Labour Party Accuses Ayuba Wabba Of Plot To Forcefully Hijack The Party

The Labour Party LP National secretariat has accused Comrade Ayuba Wagba of plotting to forceful attempt to take over the party.

According to the release made available by PRESS RELEASE
Comrade Gentleman Abayomi ARABAMBI, Says "Our attention was drawn to a  petition written and signed by One Comrade Ayuba Wabba to INEC National Chairman where he purportedly describes the National Executive Committee meeting of LABOUR PARTY held on the 29th March 2021 in Benin Edo as illegal  is not only  mischievous but a complete misfit intention and ARRANT nonsensical balderdash."
Ordinarily , the very silly rantings and gibberish from this grossly irresponsible, Political Miscreants and incompetent Labour Leader   in person of Comrade Ayuba Wabba would have been ignored but for one reason , to expose the yawning emptiness in his  cheap meal - ticket and setting the record straight. 
I was a major player in the said NEC  monitored by INEC. I moved the motion to elevate Bar Julius Abure from the position of National Secretary to National Chairman and the reversals of the else while Acting National Chair person Maria Labeke  as the Deputy National Chairman. Therefore this response became imperative
The general public is here advised to ignore the totally false , illegal  meaningless , grossly irresponsible , wholesomely incompetent, moribund and executive rascality of this meddlesome interloper and serial gangs of political merchants illegally parading themselves to INEC as members of Labour party led  by Senile Comrade Ayuba Wabba of the  house of commotion Abuja headquarters of NLC

.It is obvious Ayuba Wabba ambition to run for the office of the Senate in 2023 is the driving force for this threashrous act and a loss option now or in the foreseeable future ,it is for this same interest workers welfare are compromised, so he is thus  looking for a very desperate and reckless   short cut  for his criminal implementation, that will  spell further doom for the drivers of his  in ordinate dead ambition.

The Nigerian Labour Congress has always been the go to savior of Nigerians In the Realm of National Dialogue , protection and  the salvation of the Nigerian people from hunger, unemployment, disease and all negative indices that afflict our Country.
The people of Nigeria often look to the National Labour Congress (NLC) for insight, direction and hope, however in the recent history of the labour Union it has opted  away from its traditional role of being the protector of Nigerians labour force but rather choose a stoic silence on issues of national discuss such as the root causes and agitation of working class Nigerians that have led to some noteworthy industrial actions such as Strikes of Resident Doctors and , ASSUP strike. 
Where is Ayuba Wabba and his merceneries  in the ongoing  strikes and protest embarked upon by judiciary union and NBA all over NIGERIA for judicial autonomy.
Where was  Ayuba Wabba during the inhuman increase of pump price of fuel by the APC led federal government
Other issues that demand the attention of the labour Union includes the non implementation of Minimum wage in some States, Casualisation of staff and exploitation of workers, diversion of Local Government funds by some state governments, insecurity of members of Labour Congress especially members living in high risk areas, None conduct of Local Governments Election in some states across the federation, excessive high cost of living as a direct results of systemic hike in cost of petroleum products and electrical tariffs amongst several other issues that plague our country.
It is therefore shocking that the Political arm of NLC under the leadership of Ayuba Wabba refuses  to focus on issues that negatively affects the people of Nigeria, and display the demanded  leadership and direction, that Nigerians need from the labour Union. 
It is instead observed that the NLC has gone about consistently meddling with issues that do not directly affect the Council (such as interfering in the affairs of Labour Party even as impersonators.
 The letter to the commission was a  delibrate distortion, criminal  contradictions, executive impunity and  malfeasance.

Any political and  unconstitutional rebellion being grown  by some polished miscreants in the political  or  Nigeria Labour Congress  space should therefore be ignored because  we will not be part of the  threashrous gang of NLC political misfits trying to claim to be in existence in Labour Party as the  days of portfolio party existence is far left in forgotten memory.
 Therefore Ayuba Wabba action  is politically  dumb and very irresponsible to have paraded himself as superior to the NEC of our great party   and above it . How can you possibly be in a position to direct INEC to dissolve a body of National Working   Committee that he is a stranger to the body (NEC)  that appointed the National Chairman and National Secretary.
 As at today , no one or body is legally or  empowered to undo a constitutionally evolved legality as falsely claimed by the cash and carry Ayuba Wabba led  political miscreants .
 By every dictates of responsible citizenship , the  Supreme court of Nigeria in the case of Armed makarfi vs Alimodu Sheriff Delivered a judgement that the NEC of all Political parties remains the highest decision making organ , thus it's laughable  for this bunch of unreasonable people to be asking INEC to dissolve the NEC and NWC of our great party.
 Silly men are silly , it doesn't matter in which tribe they exist thus Ayuba Wabba through his petition has been exposed as a stark illiterate and a purchasable political jobber .

Every delibrate actions aimed at promoting executive lawlessness, malfeasance maladministration, Political rascality, policy somersault contradictions,impunity and association brigandage will only bring about perpetual stagnation to our political parties association and all.of us will be seen as not only grossly irresponsible but perpetually incompetent.
 Thus every  action deserves a commensurate measure of reaction.  Ayuba Wabba is  here by advice to resign immediately as the National president of Nigeria Labour Congress as he has over serve his usefulness . He is further advise to go and formed his own Political party as decided in the last NEC of NLC if truly he is interested in contesting for the office of the president. 
The presidential tickets of Labour party is not meant for cheap Political spent forces. Nothing stands on nothing thus I and other members of NEC stand with the decision of the National Executive Committee made on the 29th day of March 2021 in Benin Edo State where the duo of Bar Julius Abure was elected un oppose as the substantive National Chairman  and Alhaji Farouk Umar as National Secretary

Comrade Gentleman Abayomi ARABAMBI
Ogun State Chairman and Member of National Executive Committee

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