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Friday, March 19, 2021

Nigerians happier than Ghanaians, South Africans, Russians, others, ranked 59th in latest happiness index

Nigeria has been ranked in 59th position in the latest happiness index released on Friday, putting the country above countries like Russia, Georgia, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and others.

According to the ranking index of the report released on Friday afternoon, Finland was ranked the world’s happiest country while Zimbabwe was ranked last in the ranking comprising 95 countries.

According to the report published on the organisation’s website, Nigerians are even happier than some countries in Europe including Russia which was ranked 60th, Georgia, ranked 73rd, and North Macedonia ranked 75th.

Only Mauritius which was ranked 44th was ahead of Nigeria among African countries in terms of happiness. Other African countries on the rank include Ghana, 65th; Ivory Coast, 70th; Cameroon, 71st; South Africa, 76th; Zambia, 79th; Morocco, 80th; Tunisia, 82nd; Uganda, 83rd; Ethiopia, 85th; Kenya, 86th; Egypt, 87th, Namibia, 88th.

Two African countries occupied the last positions of the ladder. While Tanzania occupied the 94th position, Zimbabwe occupied the 95th position as the least happiest country in the world.

The first six positions of the happiest nations in the world were occupied by those called Nordic countries, indicating that there is something unique that always makes the citizens of those countries happy all the time.

While Finland retained its first position as the world’s happiest country, Iceland was ranked second, Denmark came third, Switzerland came fourth, Netherlands came fifth and Sweden came sixth.

In the list, United States, Britain, Canada, Belgium and France did not do well in the ranking. While the United States came 14th, Canada was 15th, Belgium was 17th, the United Kingdom was in the 18th position and France was 20th on the ranking.

Full rankings: The 2021 World Happiness Report

1. Finland

2. Iceland

3. Denmark

4. Switzerland

5. Netherlands

6. Sweden

7. Germany

8. Norway

9. New Zealand

10. Austria

11. Israel

12. Australia

13. Ireland

14. United States

15. Canada

16. Czech Republic

17. Belgium

18. United Kingdom

19. Taiwan

20. France

21. Saudi Arabia

22. Slovakia

23. Croatia

24. Spain

25. Italy

26. Slovenia

27. United Arab Emirates

28. Estonia

29. Lithuania

30. Uruguay

31. Kosovo

32. Cyprus

33. Kyrgyzstan

34. Latvia

35. Bahrain

36. Kazakhstan

37. Malta

38. Chile

39. Poland

40. Japan

41. Brazil

42. Serbia

43. Hungary

44. Mauritius

45. Mongolia

46. Mexico

47. Argentina

48. Thailand

49. Moldova

50. South Korea

51. Greece

52. China (excluding Hong Kong)

53. Portugal

54. Montenegro

55. Colombia

56. Bulgaria

57. Bolivia

58. Bosnia and Herzegovina

59. Nigeria

60. Russia

61. El Salvador

62. Tajikistan

63. Albania

64. Ecuador

65. Ghana

66. Hong Kong

67. Laos

68. Bangladesh

69. Ukraine

70. Ivory Coast

71. Cameroon

72. Dominican Republic

73. Georgia

74. Philippines

75. North Macedonia

76. South Africa

77. Iran

78. Turkey

79. Zambia

80. Morocco

81. Iraq

82. Tunisia

83. Uganda

84. Venezuela

85. Ethiopia

86. Kenya

87. Egypt

88. Namibia

89. Myanmar

90. Benin

91. Cambodia

92. India

93. Jordan

94. Tanzania

95. Zimbabwe

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