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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Newlywed Nigerian woman suffers severe hair loss and painful scalp burns after she allegedly used fake relaxer

A Kano-based perfume vendor posted a photo of a newlywed woman whose hair almost completely fell out after she allegedly used a fake relaxer. 

According to Incensepalaceandperfumes, the incident happened at a salon on Wednesday afternoon, March 10. 

It was gathered the the young woman, who recently got married came to the salon with a popular brand of relaxer for a touch up.

She was being attended to when other customers heard the attendant screaming. They rushed to see what happened and found the newlywed in severe pain. Her scalp was swollen and burnt in several places and almost all her hair had fallen off. A close check on the relaxer pack shows that she bought a fake one. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Read the story below: 

"Something Terrible Happened To A Newly Bride Today At Saloon Yau Naga Abu I Was At A Saloon Earlier This Afternoon This Gentle Lady Walk In With Her Kit For Retouching. She Handed It Over To The Person Attending To Her

"Toh Aka Sa Relaxer Akazo Wankewa Subnallah Basai Dogon Gashi Yafara Fita Ba She Has A Very Very Long Hair Wallahi The Person Washing Her Hair Had To Scream It Got Us We Had To Rush To See What Was Happening

"We Were About 5 There And The Person Washing Her Hair Said Gashinta Fita Yake Am Scared!

"After Washing That Was How The Hair Looked Like Her Scalp Was Burnt In Several Places! We Try To Find Out What Caused This It Was From The Relaxer She Used!

"She Was In Severe Pain. She Told Us What Happened They Wanted Original Mega Growth Relaxer But They Got Fake One From The Market. We Compared The Original And The Fake She Came With The Two Were Totally Different

"I Asked Her If I Could Post This She Said Please Do Am In Severe Pain! Am A New Bride I Got Married Recently. And Look What Happened To Me “ In Her Voice She Kept Saying Am In Severe Pain Please Do Something”

"We All Felt Like Crying. People Need To Be Careful Because The Pain Was Too Much. Please Let’s Raise Awareness People There At The Saloon Also Promised Her They Will Raise Awareness For What Happened To Her Today. Tag Your Family Friends Etc Ladies We Need To Be Extra Careful Fake Relaxer Is Everywhere.

"There’s Is Original Mega Growth But What She Used Was A Fake One! From A Saloon Now Shes Heading To Hospital Due To Swells And Burnt Places On Side Of Her Scalp. She Said It’s A Painful Experience For Her." 

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