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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

HIJAB: Chasing the wind in Kwara state

By 'Shola Mike Agboola

Please permit me to lend my voice to the 'hijab brouhaha' in Kwara State. It is unfortunate that we the peace-loving people of the 'state of harmony' fell for the diversionary tactics of desperate political players. We allowed them to use us as pawns on the chessboard of political manipulations.

Bad roads sprawl the length and breadth of the state; Joblessness is a common denominator in our dear state: Our hardworking civil servants earn one of the poorest wages in the country. Social infrastructures are grossly inadequate; The ambience of the state is far from being cosmopolitan. 

The economy is at a low ebb. All these are products of rudderless and kindergarten governance over the years. Is it not ridiculous that none of these is a matter of concern to the good people of Kwara State? We have not thought of forming a common front to place a demand on government for our rights.

A group of people has decided to invest its energy in the fight for female students to wear hijab in grant-aided mission schools. Sadly, the government sheepishly played into their hands by taking an ill-advised and ill-timed decision on the matter thus throwing the once peaceful state into chaos. It is unfortunate!

If you care to know, one of my closest classroom friends, during my Secondary School days, was Mukaila - a Muslim. One of my closest pals as a sports man, in the same Secondary School, was Suraju - a Muslim. One of my best hostel mates, in the boarding house, was Yahaya - a Muslim. I was particularly close to the latter. My being a Christian, and they being Muslims, was never an issue. We blended and flowed together because our childhood innocence had not been smeared by religious fundamentalism and fanaticism.

One does not need google to know that the world is cruising fast on the highway of human, economic, social and infrastructural developments. Why do we opt to crawl in the mire of underdevelopment? It is high time we left all 'minors' and focus on the 'majors' for which we voted in the government of the day.

Dear Kwarans, I enjoin us to come together, break loose from the shackles of desperate power mongers, and raise our voices, with every thread of courtesy, decency and responsibility to demand for good governance. We must all contribute our little quotas to build and not to destroy our dear state. A word is enough for the wise.


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