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Friday, March 19, 2021

BREAKING: Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp crash

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are all down across the world after a crash that has left social media users frustrated and unable to connect, Daily Mail reports.

The social tools, all owned by Facebook, including the platform’s own Messenger service, were first reported as not being available from 5:30 GMT on Friday.

Users visiting Instagram online get a simple error message saying ‘5xx Server Error’, with no other information provided.

Some Facebook users have reported being able to sign in to the app, although 63% of reports on suggest there is a ‘total blackout’.
There was a sudden spike of reports on down detector for the Facebook-owned services, with the outage affecting the entire Facebook social product line.

Users have taken to social media to express their frustration at not being able to connect to friends, family or work colleagues.

One user shared a picture of the word ‘connecting….’ and said ‘wifi on and off, phone on and down, switch to data, Instagram still down, WhatsApp still down.’

Another talked about using on form of social media to check on another, tweeting that they came to Twitter ‘to see if WhatsApp and Instagram is down.’

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