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Monday, March 15, 2021

Asari Dokubo declares himself leader of new Biafra govt

Ex-Niger Delta militant Asari Dokubo has declared himself leader of the new “Biafra de facto customary government”.

In a statement on Sunday by the spokesman of the customary government Uche Mefor, Dokubo cited “injustice and marginalisation” on the Igbo found in various zones of the country as the reason for his aspiring for a “better life for his people.”

The statement also named George Onyibe as secretary of the group and Emeka Esiri as the officer in charge of its legal matters.

According to the statement, Dokubo vowed that the new body would take care of the current insecurity challenges faced by the Igbos as well as focusing on science and technology to make life easier for the people.

Dokubo listed the proposed government’s paramount agenda as comprising security by “securing the lives and properties of our people, we are going to invest everything we have in science and technology to increase the scientific and technological discoveries, fabrications and making life easier for our people through science and technology”.

He said, “We are going to pursue rigorously the education of our people, we are going to make sure that we feed ourselves.
“You are all aware of the recent plot where they decided to stop food from the north. They failed woefully, they will continue to fail.
“The government of Biafra States will look to make sure that we only eat what we can produce.
‌“Nobody can stop us. Nobody can blockade us as they did in the first war. We’re not going to fight any war with anybody, we’re walking to freedom.
“We will not shoot any gun with them, they will prepare their weapon but they will have nobody to kill with their weapon.”

He added that they would proceed to set up provincial structures of government starting with provincial assemblies and provincial governance and administrators.

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