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Monday, March 8, 2021

2023: Igbo’s have good reasons to demand presidency from PDP – Party Chieftain, Nwankwo

A Peoples Democratic Party Chieftain, Fidelis Nwankwo has said Igbo’s have good reasons to ask the PDP, to concede the 2023 Presidential slot to the Southeast geopolitical zone.

Nwankwo made the assertion while speaking with journalists in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

He said the south-east region had long ago supported other candidates from other political regions.

“I want to be realistic about a South Easterner becoming the President of Nigeria. Forget about sentiments, it is all about doing things the right way. We have two major political parties, that a candidate can reasonably stay and aspire to become the President, namely the APC and PDP. Igbo’s who are intent on becoming

“President of Nigeria should project themselves to the public.

”Those who are interested should present themselves to Nigerians and show their capacity that they can do this job for Nigeria.

“Then the sentiment is the second aspect of it. The sentiment is that a south easterner has not been president of this country, at least from this Democratic dispensation which started in 1998. And I will go further to say, that for those of us in PDP, where I belonged. We have every good reason to ask PDP to zone the president to the south-east. We voted PDP all through these years. We supported candidates from other political zones.

“And now, we think it should be conceded to us and on that premise, I will advise those who have what it takes, the candidates should be prominent, then and get the support of his region which is the south-east. And the region, in turn, should lobby other regions to see reasons why the president should go to the south-east now. And so, it is not by sentiment alone, we should let other regions know that we have competent hands that will do this job. I think the masses are getting tired of names, they want actions.

He further called on the two major political parties in Nigeria; APC and PDP to concede the 2023 Presidential slots to the south-east region for the purpose of equity and fairness.

“That’s what I’m talking about. The primary person is the one who wants to be President. And as far I am concerned, the second group is those in PDP in south East should come together and support the candidate because, at this stage, there may be one candidate who will be aspiring to contest for President. Southeast should be able to tell other regions that look, if it is Mr A or B is qualified, he will do well and Mr A or B are the people we trust that can make a good President of this country. He is not going to be President of the Southeast, he is going to be president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And that’s the point I’m making.

“Well, whatever you are doing, you should know there is a rule. In Nigeria, there is a constitution, elections are contested under political parties, a political party must sponsor you. And so, whatever you are doing to become a President has to be guided by the rules of your political party.

“As far as the person is keeping and protecting the rule of his political party, then who am I to frown at the person method. Methods of looking for political power defer. And that may not be an issue."

The former INEC boss, however, expressed displeasure on how prominent leaders in Ebonyi State and in the south-east zone are mortgaging their integrity while seeking political positions.

“Obviously I am in PDP today, I’m not hiding about it. And if I begin to do certain things that will undermine APC and using whatever is peace, then people will be looking at my integrity. The question of PDP and APC in Ebonyi State remains a matter of choice. A lot of people choose to remain in PDP after the defection of the governor and others choose to join, fine and good.

“But if after joining APC and you are still saying that you are in PDP and that has to do with integrity. we are in a society where we know each other. I don’t want to really comment on this because we are not losing sleep over this. Nigerians are now very wiser and Ebonyi people are among the wise Nigerians. We have politicians and voters who are very perspective and of course, they know what is happening.

“There are no challenges, its just small irritations from some areas in the state, which we can do without losing sleep. we are not losing sleep over that. We are rebuilding the party and we desire that all hands will be on deck. Ebonyi is PDP and PDP is Ebonyi and nobody can do anything about it” he stated.

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