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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Stop paying ransom to bandits, primate Ayodele warns the government

Primate Babatunde Ayodele of the Inri Evangelical spiritual church, Lagos has decried the persistent security threat in Nigeria.

The cleric who warned the government earlier to take security issues seriously and tackle insecurity squarely is not happy that the Buhari led administration have decided to be paying ransom to bandits. 

Speaking this morning,at the Headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, the cleric lamented on rising cases of insecurity in Nigeria.

Reacting to the abduction of 300 school girls in Zamfara state earlier this morning, Primate Ayodele groaned on the fact that kidnappers and bandits have been able to subdue Buhari's government and the government is now paying ransom to kidnappers.

He said "For how long will the government continue paying kidnappers and bandits ransom, it simply means that the government have made it a lucrative venture for them".

He said that government is making mockery of the Nigerian nation by engaging in this.

Ayodele prophesied the Gombe and Hausa/Yoruba crisis which led to destruction of lots properties and loss of lives, he has it written in his book titled "warnings to the nations", it can be found in page 220.

In his latest prophecy, he said "Nigerians should pray against fire outbreak and gas explosion, government will privatise NNPC, they will lease our refineries".

He maintained that Nigeria is still not yet out of recession as the government is claiming.

Primate Ayodele prophesied the attack on players of Adamawa united which led to the abduction of their bus driver. 

He congratulated Femi obafemi for his new appointment and he also congratulated the former Lagos State military administrator, Buba Maruwa for his new appointment. 

He warned the government to pray for the health of their governors because he said that a governor will be indisposed and the health issue will be very serious. 

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