'Making Odogbolu An ICT Hub, My Priority If Given The Mandate To Chair The Council' - Babatunde Diya - NATIONAL TRUMPET


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

'Making Odogbolu An ICT Hub, My Priority If Given The Mandate To Chair The Council' - Babatunde Diya

By Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo

The leading Aspirant in Odogbolu Local Government Chairmanship, Dr Babatunde Diya has said he would compliment the efforts of Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun mfr in making Ogun State, Center for ICT in Nigeria.

He said Governor Abiodun has laid a good examples to follow, As a vast Chairman if given the chance would follow with his YELLOW INITIATIVE by ensuring adherence to the ICT policy development of the State towards ensuring consistency with potentials for yielding significant value to the citizen of Ogun State, To drive youth empowerment, poverty alleviation, employment generation and global competitiveness through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), To enhance the integration of ICT for effective e-governance, e-health and education Ogun state, To use ICT in promoting connectivity, accessibility, openness and accountability in driving social, political and economic development agenda for the people and the State, To act Nationally as the State agency with respect to IT matters.

Also he said he would ensure he manage the Odogbolu Information Technology Development Fund (ODGITDF) towards expansion of internet coverage at the chairman's office with the deployment of additional 10 access points, Local Government metro fibre would be re-designed from a mesh topology to a point-to-point topology, develop a wide IT audit has started: This would align the Odogbolu IT process and management to a world class standard. 

Furthermore, he said he would initiate Shared Service and Data Centre: The Bureau operates a data center, which would have a 42U Rack at the DC which hosts the State mail server and other application servers used by other MDAs.
He said he would create Enterprise Email Server: Deployed and maintained by the bureau staff, create for all political, appointees and civil servants while training on emailing system would be implemented.

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