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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Kwara govt cautions residents against xenophobic statements, violence

Kwara State Government has cautioned residents of the state against launching xenophobic attacks against displaced persons in their midst, calling for calm while government works with all stakeholders to maintain law and order. 
“Our state is known for peace, harmony, and hospitality to one another and all sojourners among us. Whatever the challenges at this time, we will not accept xenophobic violence or hate speeches that might ignite it,” Secretary to the State Government Prof Saba Mamman Jibril said in a statement.
“The Government, which has been working with various stakeholders to carefully handle the influx of displaced Fulani herders into the state, is concerned at and accordingly rejects a purported quit notice issued to vulnerable persons who are scampering for refuge in parts of the state. We caution against belligerency of any kind. Kwara is historically renowned to be a peaceful multiethnic state and traditional home of Yorubas, Fulanis, Nupes, Barubas, Bokobarus, Hausas and many others who have lived harmoniously since time immemorial. These great tribes have inter-married and formed family bonds spanning centuries.

"We feel strongly that what the country requires at this time is its people solemnly coming together to heal old wounds and to live together as brothers. Fanning the ember of disunity and violence is dangerous.
“The Government urges everyone to live in and work for peace. Everything is being done at the state and federal levels to resolve security issues. The government therefore needs everyone to avoid anything that could heighten tension or spark off violence.”

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