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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

BAT 2023: Throw Your Hat Into The Ring, Nigerians Are Behind You, A True Trailblazer


With empirical evidence, Asiwaju [Senator] Bola Ahmed Tinubu enjoys overwhelming support of Nigerians than any other would-be Presidents because he has always being on the side of the masses and always espousing sincerity of purpose and very well prepared to lead meritoriously.

Asiwaju is also an advocate for true federalism, with profound respect for democratic institutions, ability to fast track economic growth through major political structural initiatives and contemporary policies to advance greatness.

Asiwaju at different instances has  showed commitment to the rule of law, ability to appreciate the causes of agitation and experience in dousing political tension among others.

With my avalanche experience in politics, I am largely convinced that all the country needed at a time like this was a leadership with the right focus. I do believe that the situation in this country is still salvageable if only we get the right leadership. Our greatest folly as a nation right now is the divisions.

A leader who can bridge these gaps is quintessential to our continuous existence and progress and having seen so many individuals nursing Presidential ambition across party lines in my ongoing nationwide tour there is no doubt that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is yards beyond his contemporaries in the ability to achieve the feat of uniting and putting us on the part of permanent economic progression.

For clarity and without contradiction, I am joining millions of Nigerians especially the progressive minds in appealing to our leader, and political colossus, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to please throw his hat into the ring to contest the next presidential election in 2023. I will appreciate if this call from me and other well meaning Nigerians is heeded, I promise to work assiduously to see that this purposeful agenda is achieved in the overall interest of Nigeria so as to engender peace, prosperity, growth and development as well as national cohesion.

Once again, Nigeria truly needs a policy thinker who can come up with cutting-edge solutions to Nigeria’s myriad challenges. And this is where Asiwaju asserts his credentials as a transformational leader. 

With due respect, the election of Asiwaju Tinubu as President of Nigeria would hold a powerful symbolism for we Nigerians, if we make it happen. He is of a proud Yoruba heritage, with transformational national outlook. His victory would be uniquely capable of stirring our individual and collective “can-do” spirit, erasing doubts that Nigeria can ever be politically egalitarian. 

Asiwaju is indeed a unique trailblazer who substantially transformed Lagos State when he held sway as the Governor, he practically turned the State to a city of envy by all standards in sub-saharan Africa. He stood up for professional integrity, competence and uprightness and that is the Nigerian spirit. What we can also not take away from Asiwaju is his good dispositions to his colleagues and those who look up to him for guidance, support and mentoring. 

With no shred of doubt, he has charm and an admirable family. He has oratorical prowess. This means he would be a president that is capable of engaging Nigerians directly. He would also be able to meaningfully engage the international community and global investors. Therefore, he would be a president that will truly make Nigerians proud. Thankfully my respect and loyalty to him remain sacrosanct.


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