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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Seyi Makinde: The making of a new traitor - Rẹ̀mí Oyèyẹmí

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."- Thomas Jefferson

I have just read the text of a speech delivered by Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, threatening Yorùbá sons and daughters in Ibarapa area of the Pacesetter State, who are trying to protect their families from the murdering Fulani herdsmen. He is asking Ibarapa sons and daughters, in the mode of that sentry of misery, Femi Adesina, that they give up their freedom and liberty, their lives and land.

The speech which with enthusiasm, excoriated Yorùbá victims of Fulani murders, kidnappings, raping and arson, smacks of rant of a favoured slave. For Makinde to come out with this kind of threat against his own people, shows that he is a collaborator with the enemies of Yorùbá Nation. He is an enabler of the fulani aggressors on Yorùbá land. Makinde, with that speech, shows that he is happy with the murdering of innocent Yorùbá sons and daughters. He is ready to fight on the side of Fulani herdsmen against the Yorùbá people who voted for him to protect them.

Makinde, savouring the comfort of the Agodí Government House that Obafemi Awolowo  built, for the glory of Elédùmarè and the edification of the Yorùbá race, is actively conniving to destroy the Yorùbá Nation and foster the killings, kidnappins and raping of Yorùbá sons and daughters. He is using the comfort of Agodí Government House to empower the slave masters and  sell out the Yorùbá children who might survive the current killings and kidnappings. He is collaborating with the Fulani to subjugate Ibarapa Land and by extension, the Pacesetter State, and by implication, the entire Yorùbá Nation.

He has pitched his tent with the mercantilist politicians in the Yorùbá Nation, believing that selling Yorùbá land is the best way to advance his own political fortune in the God forsaken Nigeria. He has settled for the role of Afonja to betray Yorùbá sons and daughters. He made it clear in that speech that he does not give a damn how many Yorùbá sons and daughters were murdered in their land. He doesn't give a hoot, how many Yorùbá sons and daughters are kidnapped. He doesn't care how many hectares of farm lands are left desolate. He is calling himself a traitor before others get the chance to characterise him as such, Makinde said the following:

"I had cause to call out members of the press who were allowing themselves to be used to stoke ethnic tensions among the good people of Oyo State. There have been stories in the press targeted at exaggerating the security situation in the state."

This is very irresponsible of Makinde. He was elected to protect the lives of the people of Oyo State and he is found wanting. He has not been able to give just one example of false report made by the press of a murder or kidnap by the Fulani. Makinde is not able to show that any of the persons reported killed is still alive to substantiate his false allegations of "exaggeration." He has not been able to falsify any report of kidnap in Ibarapa and elsewhere in Oyo State and yet he is making irresponsible and treacherous statements.

In an obvious contradiction of himself. In the very next paragraph, he said:

"... we cannot overlook the fact that there have indeed been instances that cause concern."

He then followed up with this blatant falsehood:

"The fragile peace between the herdsmen and farmers in Oke Ogun is being threatened."

Which peace is Makinde talking about in Òkè-Ògùn? Is this the same Òkè-Ògùn that farms have been continuously destroyed by the Fulani and their cows? Is it the same Òkè-Ògùn where people have been repeatedly murdered and kidnapped? Does Makinde think that because he is a governor, then he has the right to tell stinking lies? Must he sacrifice the lives of people of Ibarapa because of his ambition? Does he think his falsehood about non-existent peace would be bought hook, line and sinker, because he is a governor?

Makinde, in a characteristic trait of a betrayal surmised as follows:

"Individuals who are not authorised are going around chasing people from their homes and causing mayhem. This assault on residents of Oyo State is not the way to further the Yoruba cause."

Could anyone imagine this kind of warped thinking? So, Makinde thinks he needed to authorize self defence for our citizens? Having failed as Governor of the State to protect the citizens who voted for him, he expects them to take permission from his directionless and treacherous Government, before they take care of their own safety and the protection of their lands? What kind of malodorous arrogance is this?

Then, he threatened:

"Let me state that we shall not sit back and watch anyone make any law-abiding resident of Oyo State feel unsafe in their homes, farms, or business places. We are aware of some people circulating flyers and giving people ultimatums to leave their land. This is totally unacceptable and will not be condoned."

People who preside over the affairs of others are not expected to exude this level of idiocy, that Makinde showcased in the above statement. Where has he been all these days, weeks and months that law-abiding Yorùbá sons and daughters have been subjected to killing, raping, maiming and kidnapping? Where has Makinde been when the Fulani marauders have been making the law-abiding Yorùbá sons and daughters "feel unsafe in their homes, farms or business places"?

So, it is acceptable to Makinde that law-abiding Yorùbá sons and daughters are murdered or kidnapped? So, it is okay by him that our farms and lands are destroyed? Makinde is telling us that he had been deliberately condoning the dangerous activities of the fulani marauders. He is now talking to soldiers of the Caliphate, collaborating with them on how to subjugate the sons and daughters of Pacesetter State who are resisting subjugation and enslavement by the Fulani expansionists!

The way he ranted about the fake Constitution that he is brandishing as an empowering instrument showed that he has lost it. Where was the same Constitution when we were being murdered and maimed by the Fulani? Has Makinde just waking up to realise there was a Constitution? So, the Constitution did not empower him to protect the sons and daughters of Yorùbá land?

Makinde is the new traitor to the Yorùbá Nation. Everyone should watch him very closely. He is the latest politician of mercantilist hue on the block. He could not and should not be trusted. Any politician that is willing to sacrifice his people for political ambition is a dangerous creature that must be watched closely and frustrated. He does not deserve our support.

We are watching all of them. We hear our own Aketi. The one and only Rotimi Akeredolu, Governor of Ondo State. We know those who are standing for us. Those who are not driven by any morbid ambition at the expense of their people. We know those who are not bastards. We know those who are speaking up to protect our land, our heritage, our people. Each and everyone shall be rewarded for their roles in due course. It is a matter of when, rather than a matter of if.

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