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Monday, January 11, 2021

Prophet Olu Alo prescribes Agape love as solution to Nigeria’s leadership failure

Popular Prophet Sam Olu Alo of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain, Adamimogo Outreach has urged Nigerians to embrace Agape love for one another, be closer to God and be prayerful, stressing that the nation’s woes would end if people loved each other.

The cleric said it was even possible for anyone who is not religious and has never been to church but has Agape love to make heaven.

He said all God requires from humanity is Agape love for one another and devotion to Him.

“I don’t know how God does it. I do not have anything but God. It is not how many influential people you know or the big name you have that will take you to heaven. It is more about how many people our lives have impacted positively. In my view, it is even possible people who haven’t been to church will make heaven. What I want is to put smiles on peoples’ faces. In churches today, they don’t show love by giving any longer but God has mandated us to help the needy. I have followed God’s direction in this."

Commenting on the alleged failure of leadership in Nigeria and its consequences on the poor, Prophet Alo said: “Until we love God truly, things won’t change for the better. This is not about churchgoing, there are many churches but how much of God do we know?.

Arab nations are doing well. Some say they don’t worship God but worship small gods they call Allah. But they believe they worship God. In Nigeria, we are only religious but do not love God. We must return to God. If love starts from mosques and churches, we will do better. None of our leaders have sworn with traditional items but Bible and Quran, meaning they are either Moslem or Christian, so they should show true love.

"We separating isn’t our solution but we must love God and show true love."

The prophet explained that Nigeria needs urgent constitutional reforms which must be adhered to.

"Our laws must be obeyed and we must back our activities even performance by Government by law for effective implementation.”

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